Downtown Applications

As a preliminary matter, before you read this you should have already read +news domains/Downtown. The Downtown domain is a sprawling one, and includes the oldest parts of the city, and the most developed. It is the center of civic, legal, and industrial power for the Greater Los Angeles Area, though it shares purely economic power with the Domain of Santa Monica. It contains Hollywood, with all the glamour and decay that entails (+news Theme/Hollywood). It is a realm where the enterprising vampire can find great opportunity not afforded in the more restrictive, traditional Domain of Santa Monica, while avoiding at least most of the dangers inherent in living in South Central. Prince Emerson rules aloofly, primarily through his Seneschal and his Primogen. Downtown takes all kinds, and Hollywood makes them famous.

Character themes which will be looked upon favorably are characters with religious overtones, characters with an edge of malice, and duplicitous/conniving characters. Downtown is a cosmopolitan and treacherous place. The most prominent clans in the domain should be Malkavians, Toreador, and Nosferatu, though all Camarilla clans will be accepted. The Domain is open for Neonates of all clans. Just enter Chargen and follow the directions, except for Tremere Neonates who must follow the application process (+news chargen/tremere apps).

For availability of other application-only characters, please review the Casting Call BBS and +feedback/request with your inquiry. (See '+help ooc/feedback.)

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