Application Snark FAQ

While scarily relevant, this file is posted in good humor. Sometimes staff have to have fun as well.

Q: How do I write an application so it gets rejected?
A: The following are all good suggestions..

1. Don't read any of the following: - Who needs to know what the game is about?

  • The Player & Roleplay Policies
  • The CharGen files
  • The Theme files
  • The Vampire files
  • The Setting files

2. Apply for a Garou.
3. Apply for a Mage.
4. Apply for a Wraith.
5. Apply for a Changeling, Highlander, … (get the idea?)
6. Apply for a character over 100 years old without checking the Domain Casting Call.
7. Apply for a Justicar.

  • Applying for an Archon will probably get you rejected too, but you have to be careful here. You may want to throw in another reason to be rejected just in case.

8. Apply for an Inconnu.
9. "Can I play a Sabbat?". No.
10. "Can I play a <insert non-Camarilla clan here>?" No.
11. Don't read +news.

  • This one is such a good suggestion for getting rejected, we wrote it twice!

12. Mention how your character was in the CIA, FBI, Delta Force, etc.

  • Hint: Throw in high combat stats and a paper-thin background to round it off.

11. Apply for a vampire with more out of clan disciplines than clan disciplines.
12. Have a 7+ in willpower or a 6+ in Sanguinis, just cuz.
13. Detail your character's Merits, Flaws, Generation, Conscience, Self-Control, and Courage in your application.

  • Inside scoop: This lets staff know that you definitely haven't read any of the essential files.

14. Don't mention your sire or your embrace in your application, even once.

  • Bonus points: Don't mention any of your mortal life either. Just tell us how you got to be a beautiful (but scarred) top-secret soldier with the CIA, who has a Sabbat brother and a Garou mate who was (omg) bound to a Mage that stole her to combat a Wraith who was haunting his Highlander son.
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