Choosing your Domain

At the go-live of LAmush, the IC world of Los Angeles was divided in 8 separate Domains, ruled by 8 autonomous Princes. Only 3 of these Domains were opened for player-characters to reside in. These player Domains were Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central. Non-Player Domains inside and outside Los Angeles are listed here.

However, during the spring of 2009 we merged these 3 player-domains to One. Hence, during CharGen all players choose the Domain Los Angeles.

The difference between Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central is still relevant on a level of Theme and flavor. In this, Staff encourages you to choose an area that fits your concept and its background best.

For Character Creation purposes however, you only need to mention your character's District is when describing the place you reside via the +jnote of your Haven. Subsequently when you use the Autohousing option (after character approval), you choose the district where your house is situated.

  • A list of Los Angeles districts can be found by typing: +listinfo domains.
  • Information about the flavor and Theme of the different districts can be here.
  • More information on neighborhoods can be found here: Downtown, South Central, Santa Monica. When logged in you may also use +map and '+explain <neighborhood name>'.
  • For an overview of what kind of characters fit in what area please refer to the pages in the table below:
Downtown Applications Santa Monica Applications South Central Applications

Places to Come From

In addition to defining the place where you will reside, you can spend a moment to define the place(s) where your character comes from. You can situate your mortal background anywhere, without restrictions. On a level of vampire-background however, you may find the following information useful:

  1. You can find more information on what clans are prominent in what city here
  2. Some parts of the world hold mysteries that make Camarilla (or anarch) presence exceedingly dangerous and thus off limits. These places include Asia, Egypt, Mexico, San Diego and South America.
  3. Some cities have fleshed-out histories: Chicago, Las Vegas, Tucson, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and others. When you choose to have a vampire-background in these cities, please check with Staff if your background is in line with what is in the lore. In addition you may have the option to buy that lore during CharGen.

A Vampire Background in Los Angeles

When you wish your character to have a vampire background in LA, this is entirely possible. However, you should make sure that you attune your character's history to LA's.

Information on LA's history can be found in here. Our game went 'live' on March 2004 (Real Time) which resembled January 1999 (Virtual Time).

It's much easier to situate your character in L.A.-events until the 'go live', since all that happened after that date was roleplayed and defined, often up to the point of which vampire did or did not reside in a player-Domain. You might be able to prevent inconsistencies by having your character very young and/or reclusive. However, the best work-around is to say that your character went to another Domain before 1999 or resided in one of the non-player Domains that L.A. holds (In this scenario you may also buy the lore of the non-player Domain during CharGen). Then, your character IC-ly moves to the player-Domain upon entering play.

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