Disadvantages make one of the pillars of the theme of Damnation on LA. Moreover, they are important drivers of conflict, story and role-play. Instead of White Wolf's 'Courage', 'Conscience', 'Self-Control' and 'Humanity'-ratings, LA uses Beast Traits, Inhumanity Traits and Stigmas.

All vampires start with a default of 1 Subhuman Beast Trait and 1 Subhuman Inhumanity Trait. Malkavians take a Monstrous Inhumanity Trait instead.
In the Freebies Room, you may pick more Beast Traits or Inhumanity Traits in turn for Freebie points. You do not need to pick a stigma to pay for choosing.
On top of default and freebie originating Disadvantages, Ancilla and Elders are assigned additional Traits to reflect an elder's eroding sense humanity and control.

When Feature players wish to select their Feature's additional Inhumanityand/or Beast Traits, they need to select an additional stigma for each choice. If not, the approving Architect will pick the trait(s) for them.

A few CharGen tips and tricks on Disadvantages:

  • Embrace your character's disadvantages. Take something you're willing to roleplay day in and day out. They can be a main source of fun, story and roleplay.
  • Think about how your disadvantages make a core part of your character. In your background, try and include how they came upon that Beast Trait , Inhumanity or Stigma. What happened that caused a bit of their humanity to leak out and leave such a void behind?
  • When choosing Inhumanities it may be wise to cover activities that your character is likely to engage in and/or the method by which your character hunts.
  • Some disadvantages require specification. This can be done via writing +jnotes. Guidelines on +jnotes for Disadvantages can be found here.
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