Writing your Description

This page covers the basics. You can find a more elaborate file on character descriptions here.

Descripion of True Appearance

You need to describe what your character looks like. The easiest way to do this is: @describe me=<description>, then look at yourself with 'look me'.
Note: Make sure your description matches your appearance level.

An advanced way to describe yourself and your wardrobe is provided by the Descer Code.

You can spice up your description by:

  1. Adding an URL-link to a photo: &URL-Photo me=<URL link>, then look at; '+finger me'.
  2. Adding a view-item: &view-<item> me=<description>, then look at the list of your +view items by typing +view me, and look at a particular +view item with; +view me/<item>

If you add an URL or +view and you want other players to be aware, you may want to add the URL or the +view me/<item> to your description.

You set a short-description via: &shortdesc me=<very short description>, then look at it with +glance or +finger me.

Aura Description

Characters with Auspex can see your aura.
You must describe your default aura by means of: +aura/set <descriptive text>
Note: An aura-description on LA is less about colors and more about sensing emotions and moods.

Description of Maskings

Those with Obfuscate 3 may also set the description of their Maskings.
Commands are locked to those with the Obfuscate-power and listed in: +help ic/obfuscate.

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