The first step of character generation is inspiration; a concept of what to play. At this stage, determine who your character is, what their personality is like and what their goals could be. A well-developed character should have personality quirks, both good and bad, that make the character a living, not-breathing, real figure who can be imagined as part of a novel. Your concept should explain how and why the character was embraced and what made this character a good choice for a clan, as well as hint at personality traits that may later come to life as beast traits and inhumanities. Being someone's Childe is a choice that reflects on Sire and often incurs serious debts; it is rarely something done lightly.

Other items that could fall within the parameters of the concept are: age, clan, sect, sex, ethnicity, country of origin, profession, goals, alliances, enmities or a specific OOC purpose.

If you would like ideas or feedback on if or how your character concept could work in LA, you are welcome to talk to our Helpers or contact Staff for advice. You can also refer to our list of concepts that are likely to be rejected.

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