Choosing a Clan

Players may choose to play a vampire from one of the following Camarilla clans: Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue. (Tremere and Nephilim are application only). In addition you may play a Caitiff.

The following files may help you decide your clan:

Brujah Gangrel Malkavian
Nosferatu Toreador Tremere
Ventrue Caitiff Nephilim

We are aware White Wolf features alternate clans and bloodlines. However, these do not necessarily exist in the world of Los Angeles. What characters know about the existence of other clans and bloodlines is limited to the +news lores files locked to their lore levels.

We aren't accepting applications for alternate clans or bloodlines at all. Any applications for other clans or bloodlines that haven't been specifically invited by an Architect will be rejected without considering their merits.

As to the clans in play in Los Angeles, each has a dominant theme, a 'tone' to its structure and history. These themes are particular facets of the overall themes of the game. Not every single character in a clan needs to reinforce the clan's theme, but all players should keep it in mind when creating characters. Each and every 'tone' will be (and should be) present, to one degree or another, in every character on the MUSH. Clan themes are not meant to encourage stereotyping, but to give guidelines as to what the "feel" of each consanguineous line is within the city of Los Angeles. These themes do not necessarily hold true outside the city.

That said, Architects do -encourage- creation of more or less typical clanmembers. A Sire is unlikely to embrace a mortal that does not live up the clans expectations and ideals, and (self-proclaimed) outcasts are an exception. Some clans, such as Tremere, will even hunt outcasts down.

In addition, powers, clan-benefits and XP-policies are designed thus, that members of a specific clan will have more proficiency in clan specific activities.

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