Building your Sheet

Following the steps in CharGen allows you to automatically build your +sheet. The files in this area offer more elaborate guidelines on choosing your stats.

In general, when building your +sheet, you should keep the following in mind:

Although LAmush is called a game, our real aspiration is to be a storytelling community. We are much more about roleplay and telling stories of personal horror and vampire politics, than we are about 'winning and loosing'. Although your character may be an evil vampire aiming to 'win', players are expected to be considerate and respect each others OOC wishes.

As a result Staff likes to see +sheets that are about 'character' and 'story' more than they are about winning +contests. Our automated CharGen does not prevent min/maxing and cannot force you to pick 'power' over 'flavor'-stats. Your approving Architect however, will. When reviewing your +sheet, Architects will look at the following:

1) If your +sheet matches your background and vice versa
High attributes (3+) and abilities (2+) should be justified in your background, whereas your background also should be justified by your +sheet. For example: When your +sheet holds 'Investigation 3', mention how your character was a prominent police detective. When your background mentions how your character attained a masters in physics, you should probably add 'Science 2' and 'Academics 1' to your +sheet.

2) If your +sheet matches our game-wide power-balance
Although not all characters are equally powerful, we aim to ensure that CharGen Neonates leave CharGen on a more or less equal footing. We understand new players lack reference to what is considered 'weak' or 'strong'. This is why the files in this CharGen area offer elaborate guidelines on what stats you might want to consider and what general limits are. Although you are welcome to create a character that's weaker than average, we discourage power-builds, no matter what stat-justifications the character's background holds.

Example of a charactersheet:

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