Available Characters

We differentiate three player-character types: Mortals, CharGen Neonates and Features.

Every player can play one basic Neonate vampire from a Camarilla-Clan, or a Caitiff.

In addition, players may create up to 3 different mortals as long as the policies on multiple characters are observed.

After 3 months of activity a player may create a second vampire PC. This second vampire can be a Childe (via the IC embrace of a mortal PC), a Neonates (via CharGen) or a Feature Character.

For (non-Tremere) neonates or mortals, no special application is needed. With your +request'ed character object, enter Chargen off of the Green Room. From that point on, CharGen will guide you through the character generation process. Because Tremere are a bit more complicated, the process is slightly different for Tremere. Please refer to guidelines on Tremere Applications for details.

Characters with experience points or powers beyond those allowed in Chargen such as Senior Neonates of Ancilla, are Feature characters. Please refer to guidelines on Feature Applications for more information on Features and how to apply for them.

Note: Although you can play them, you cannot create a Childe vampire (0 to 5 years old) or ghoul via CharGen. Any new Childe vampire or ghoul should enter the game first as a mortal human and then be embraced or ghouled by an existing vampire through In Character role-play.

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