Asking Questions

When you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are a newbie-friendly Mush and eager to help you find your way.
Helpers, Staff and many of our players will gladly answer your questions.

Seeing who is on

You can see who is on by typing: who or +who.
You can identify Helpers and Staff by typing: +staff (or +stafflist).

Asking Questions via Channel

Guests with questions and requests may talk with Helpers and Staff via the Guest channel.
Those that created a character object have access to the Newbie and Public channel.

Command Usage
=gue <text> Talk on the Guest channel
=new <text> Talk on the Newbie channel
=pu <text> Talk on the Public channel
Note: Don't type the brackets '<>'

Asking Questons via Page

You may also engage in a private conversation with an individual Staffer or player via page or @mail.

Command Usage
p <name>=<text> Pages <text> to <name>
Note: Don't type the brackets '<>'

Contacting Staff

Guests and new players are more than welcome to page Staff anytime. However, sometimes Staff is unavailable.
If this is the case, the best and official way to submit questions and requests to Staff is via +feedback.
Note: You need to have (or request) a character object to use +feedback.

Another option to contact Staff is via email (ten.hsumal|shcra#ten.hsumal|shcra)

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