Approval Process

When you covered all aspects of character generation and your character is as complete as it can be, you type the magic word:


+approve generates a new Application +job that all Architects can see and will generally remain open until your character is approved. The +jobs system is the main and official way in which Staff communicates with players. You can find more information on using +jobs-system here. You can see all +jobs that you have access to yourself by typing:


As long as you have an Application +job open you should not type +approve again. Architects will aim to get back at you as soon as possible. Even when time is scarce we will aim to respond within a period of 3 days.

After the application +job is generated, your application will be assigned to one of the Architects (usually your Clan Architect). This Architect will review the various aspects of your application and assess what needs to be changed of fine-tuned for your character to fit the setting, system and game-balance of LAmush.

After review the Architect will get back to you by sending you a @mail via your Application +job, or contact you directly via @mail or page. This @mail will often include advice or requests to change items in your character's background and +jnotes or shift dots around on your +sheet. When the amount of +sheet changes is relatively small you need not start over, but can ask Staff to make these changes for you instead.

When you made all changes or have further questions, remarks or requests, you can respond to the Architects by adding to your Application +job:

+myjob/add <# of your application +job>=<your comments>

After all necessary changes are made, the Architect will approve your character by approving the Approval +job. Approval will generate a @mail informing you of your approval. From here on you are free to exit CharGen and take your character IC.

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