Application XP

When you're creating a Feature character, or are otherwise privy to Application XP, you are able to buy additional stats with experience points. Your Clan Architect may either ask you what additional stats your character really needs and/or tell you how much XP you are allowed to spend.

General XP guidelines on Characters from various ages are as follows:

Senior Elder 275-290
Elder 190-210
Senior Ancilla 125-150
Ancilla 75-90
Senior Neonate 10-40
Neonate 0
Childe 0

Just to be clear, you /cannot/ get an extra 25xp just for being 101 years old. The age guidelines are just that: guidelines.

Spending CharGen XP roughly follows the same guidelines as normal XP-spends, including the ruling that you may not spend more than 50% of your XP on powers.
The XP system is documented here

You need not submit XP-requests to spend Application XP, but you +add your wishes to the Application +job.

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