Your Age

How long have you been a vampire? When were you embraced? The date of your character's birth and death are more than mere numbers. History dictates how you were raised as a mortal and the environment that developed your character. In addition, vampires do not change easily from the time of their embrace and you will to some extent have the mindset of your mortal days.

Basic CharGen Neonates are Junior Neonates, between 5 and 50 years since embrace. Vampire titles are connected to age as follows:

TITLE AGE (years since embrace)
Childe 0 – 4
Junior Neonate 5 – 50
Senior Neonate 51 – 100
Junior Ancilla 101 – 150
Senior Ancilla 151 – 200
Junior Elder 201 – 300
Senior Elder 300+
Ancient 1000+

Automated CharGen requires you to enter (1) the date your character was embraced (if a vampire) and (2) the date your character was born.

A few guidelines on setting dates:

  • In order to do the math on age, type '+time' to see what the IC-year is. If it says 'Year-19', this means 2019. Our game started in the year 1999 and evolves with a RL:VR rate of 1:4.
  • CharGen will not allow you to choose an embrace date that is less than 5 and more than 50 years ago. Dates of older Feature characters will be manually adjusted by Staff.
  • All mortal characters need to be a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 80 years old. Vampires must have been between 18 and 80 years old at embrace.

Does your concept absolutely require your (non-Feature) neonate character to be older to support a specific historic background? There are possibilities to do this, such as having been a ghoul for a long period of time, or extended (and publicly known) periods of torpor. However, all such exceptions need to be discussed with, and approved by Staff.

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