Tobias Moon

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Tobias Moon


Sir Tobias Moon, Knight of LA Cemetery


Work in progress


Work in progress


Standing about 1.8m tall, Tobias' stance and demeanor belie his noble upbringing. His straight black hair is left to fall freely on his face, yet has been trimmed so it is unobtrusive. His turquoise eyes subtly but constantly percieve his surroundings while his slightly aquiline nose blends into the length of his face which ends in his pronounced jawline. His rather slender build enables him to walk sleekly and with finesse, just as his upbringing has taught him. He has quite long fingers, adorned with a single silver ring with some sort of engravings, which have a habit of drumming on the nearest surface when he is in thought. He tends to wear suits with lighter colours like white or cream which accentuate his black hair. He carries a cane with him, on which he leans from time to time, as a fashion accessory.
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