The Boa

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The Boa


Primogen of Venice


The Boa is one of a handful of Nosferatu that choose to inhabit the domain of Santa Monica and is believed to operate primarily among a close-knit circle of individuals, though no one really knows which individuals those might be. Perhaps this belief emerges from the fact that, despite his rare public appearances, this Nosferatu not only secured land within Santa Monica but was recently appointed as one of Acton's Primogen; and it's no secret that the Nosferatu aren't Acton's favorite clan.

Though very few individuals know how to contact him directly anyone that seeks him out can usually do so by lingering around the territories he controls.


The Boa's history in LA has been shrouded in mystery. Despite being a resident for a few years he is rarely seen in public.


The Boa's a Nosferatu that prefers to hide behind masks only when necessary. If he decides to make his presence known in an establishment where breaking the Masquerade is of no concern then he will likely display his hideous appearance as if it's a badge of honour. This is one Nosferatu that definitely isn't ashamed of what he is…an undead monster.

Plot Hooks

Santa Monica


Randomly - GMT +7 (Approximately 12 hours ahead of US EST). Completely unavailable on weekends.
As The Boa doesn't usually linger around public venues in plain sight, +mail is the best way to request a scene.

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