South Central

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Gender: Male
Full Name: Christopher Edward Willoughby
Alias : El Kabong
Position: Sneaky Bastard / Keeper Of Expo Elysium
Short desc: Depends on what time of night you catch me!
Publicly: Just another bum to step over on the sidewalks of Los Angeles. They all start to look alike after awhile.
Supernaturally: Teeth. This bloke has some big ass teeth. Has little problem using them either. Seems rather tense most of the time, despite being borderline polite. Comes off as someone who gets the job done, regardless of what it is. Not much known of where he came from exactly. Keeps to himself unless he stands to gain from it usually. Hard to judge exactly what the fuck he is thinking most of the time. Shifty eyed little devil.
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Gender: Female
Full Name: Little Mama; The Bloodhound
Alias : Kus
Position: No where to go but up
Short desc: A 45-50 year old black bag lady
Publicly: Isn't she pathetic? What awful events could have brought this woman to such a disgusting end? Is that smell her? You catch that bible-pages slip she wears? and all those crosses! She probably should be in a hospital, not on the street. Its terrible how the mentally ill are just left to fend for themselves these days. Oh God, let's just cross the street.
Supernaturally: Sure she's been around. Around every indigent, tramp, hobo, wino and dump between here and San Diego, I'll warrant. One whiff will tell you that. Man, I don't know anyone who'd take credit for embracing her. Let's face it, she's the caitiff. In her domain, she's nicknamed 'Bloodhound' though no one really says why.
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Gender: Male
Publicly: Elijah? Weird name. Real old Christian kind of name. I think there's a metalworker by that name around somewhere.
Supernaturally: Elijah's another of those damned Civil War Brujah. Seems like the madness of the times got into all of them given how many flaunt the laws of our society and Elijah's no exception. He's made quite a name for himself as a violent one who ignores our authority. They also say he's broken the Sixth more than a few times. Not the kind of guy you want to meet in any alley.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Samael Petersen
Alias : Sam
Position: Keeper of Huntington, Warden of San Marino
Short desc: An angelic young man
Publicly: Sam Wellington? It's hard to miss that one, even when he uses to be pretty silent and shy. He's got this 'presence' that's hard to dismiss.
Sam grew up in Bellflower where he was very prominent in the choir and youth group of the Dominic Savio Church. He ran a talent-agency pretty early on, but got real sick for a few years, to the point of coma. He was one of the lucky ones though. He woke up and seems to be doing fine now.. except for the weird voice and looking like a 'gal'.
He was juggling a job at the Expo Park in South Central, but moved to the Huntington in 2010. Next to that he's following evening-college Music and Theology. Many of that close-knit Bellflower bunch are. He claims he wants to become a Priest, but most of the girls think he turned out gay.
It was him and his friend Carlos that jump-started the Santa Cecilia Opera and Philharmonic. They often work with the priests and church-choirs from several parishes in LA. I hear they are trying to record a few soundtracks now.
Supernaturally: Sam or shall I say Samael? If you're like, really dumb I suppose you could believe the 'official story'. It goes something like this:
He was a chorister in Vienna. He was embraced by a Toreador for his voice and made it through the change even when he was a child. Next the Aryan child survives in pit-of-hell South Central for nearly 25 years. He also renounces his blood and allies up with the Nossies. Additionally /two/ Nosferatu-masters died on him and next, even though he's a neonate he manages to take over their Positions and possessions because 'they would have wanted him to'. He was Leader of Bellflower and Keeper of Expo Park for a while but defected to Downtown approximately 2 years ago. Now he's the Keeper of the Huntington Elysium in Greater Downtown.
I don't have this theory sorted out fully, but if you ask me he's a real old Malk that has been fooling us all the freaking time with that kid-stuff. OR this Sam isn't the boy Samael at all. OR he's some freaky Tremere-construct. It's a hell of a lot more likely explanation. If I was a Nosferatu I'd be extremely paranoid.
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Gender: Female
Full Name: Chance Marshall
Alias: Chance
Position: Protector of Downtown, Warden of Mid-Wilshire and places.
Short desc: Young lady of color with attitude.
Publicly: Maxine? Some new chick from out of town. Young girl, seems almost to young to be on her own, but she must have cash to afford to live here.%r%r%tChance Marshall? Wasn't she some chick back in South Central some time back? A bit of a musician with a love of blues and jazz, she used to play a gig here and there. Haven't seen or heard from her in some time. Likely the street life caught up with her.
Supernaturally: Known for decades as Chance Marshall, she now seems to be going around as 'Maxine'. She seems to have run the gauntlet of vampire life: anarch, rebel, Prince and now living under Emerson's rule. She is a Brujah who started her LA career with Alvin. After a few decades with him, she became Prince of South-Central and did a balancing act between the anarchs and the Camarilla. Then she called it quits, ran off who knows where. Now she's back? In *where*? What the hell?


Gender: Male
Full Name: Alvin "A4" Forrester
Alias : a4
Position: Anarch Warlord of Inglewood
Short desc: Your worst nightmare.
Publicly: Alvin Forrester… isn't he that guy on the news? The notorious leader of some gang in Inglewood? Yeah, I'd swear that's the name. Why the police just don't arrest that miscreant I don't know.
Supernaturally: Alvin Forrester is a well-recognized name in North America. He is a Brujah, embraced sometime around the Civil War, who has helped lead the anarch movement in this country for over a century. No one seems to know who he was, or who his sire was. There are some rumours that he was affiliated with the Black Hand, but these are likely just idle speculation. What is known for certain is that he has secured Inglewood as his own, and that he has surrounded himself with loyal and similarly dangerous neonates from a variety of clans. He is called the "Warlord of Inglewood," and for good reason. His reputation for violence and rage is unmatched in the Southland.
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Gender: Male
Full Name: Hector Green
Alias : Hec
Short desc: A hulking dark-skinned (Possibly African American) man dressed in upscale ghetto gear who radiates a certain sort of menace to society.
Publicly: %rHector? Hector OH…*him*. The big, silent type? When he talks, it's like listening to someone who should have been in radio waking people up with smooth jazz. Heard he killed a preacher-man once, and hates religious zealots. HATES. Heard he was 'from the desert', whatever that means. He's the sort who just needs plenty of space, and most people agree with that.
Supernaturally: Hector? Hector what's his face? Yeaaah. A vampire, you say? Really. Never heard of'm. Never saw'm before. Not from these parts, is he? Sure he's a vampire?


Gender: Male
Full Name: Apolo Covas Callas
Alias : AP
Position: Seneschal of Downtown, Overseer of the Downtown Core
Short desc: A slender, shortish Hispanic man with a distinctive mane of brown hair.
Publicly: Just another Hispanic face in a town chock-full of them. He used to be an artist - or many he still is - though nothing bearing Apolo's name has been made public in at least five years. Whatever dreams he had of being an artist seems to have been chewed up and spit out in typical Los Angeles fashion. He must have some sort of income, since he tends not to do much at all in the way of actual employment, and spends his free time working with various organizations; his name comes up in connection with unions, libraries, and art museums, if one pays attention to such things. Maybe he's a Socialist, but mostly he's just low-key.
Supernaturally: Apolo is Emerson's childe. Whatever else he is, Emerson's spawn he remains first and foremost. It's common knowledge in L.A's vampire society that Apolo preceded his sire to the city in the early twentieth century. He's never left. After the Treaty, Apolo was named Primogen of the Downtown Core, and thus he wields an impressive amount of personal political power in addition to having Emerson's backing.
Apolo's passions are kaleidoscopic, shooting off this way and that seemingly haphazardly, and he possesses a temper to match. He's a painter sometimes, or a politician, or a courtier, at turns sweet, demanding, attentive, and angry. The only predictable thing about the Malkavian is his loyalty to his Prince; it's absolute.
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Gender: Male
Full Name: Horatio Ramsbottom Wentworth, Esq.
Publicly: He's just some guy, y'know?


Gender: Female
Full Name: Isabel Torres
Alias : Iz
Position: <none>
Short desc: 5'6" Latina, attractive, seems approachable.
Publicly: Now there's a chica who can walk through Florence without getting her ass kicked by the cholos if she remains quiet and respectful like she tends to. And when she doesn't tend to, seems like she's kinda 'hands off'. Been hangin' around the Rebel for over a year now, si. Think she's one of them Fuerza now, after bein' roughed up by Santiago n' her crew every other night. Which Santiago? Well, if ya don't know, chico, then ya don't need ta know. Seen'r in the Rebel, in n' outta trouble like some coyote - not sure if she's gonna laugh or run away. Seen her on the East side of Compton, too? Fuck, she gets around, si? Likes to watch the street squids n' -real- riders. Sometimes she'll put down small bets. She's strange, but cool, yo.
Supernaturally: Isabel Torres, an on-the fence anarch who has risen to Primogen status in South Central is not a …. horrible creature. She's been quite the rabid dog since she was unboxed by Kusala the Caitiff, but has recently either gone into hiding or has taken on another persona. Besides attacking the Seneschal of Downtown during a party, being tied to one of the Seneschals of South Central's death, and being captured and brought before Prince Acton's court for execution, she's been quite a presence. All of her banter about freedom and how the community of vampires needs to strengthen in order to survive….has been quiet as of late, drawn back to her lands and to Florence. And even drawn more to the mortals who she has been 'partying' with…but that's just a strange little rumor.
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Gender: Male
Full Name: Trenton Kallasea
Short desc: Brown hair, brown eyes, about 6' 4" tall.
Publicly: Some guy from out of town. Don't know much about him, but you see him around lately. Not much for chatting, from what I can tell.
Supernaturally: Some vampire, said to be a Brujah, new in town. Said to be fairly anti-Camarilla and spouting about the Ventrue oppression. Typical anarch Brujah if you ask me.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Meagan, with no last name. Like Madonna and Cher, but not as cool.
Short desc: Valley girl in 1980's clubwear
Publicly: Seen most often in the Bad Side of Town, it's pretty obvious that she's looking to score: coke when on the streets, and X in the clubs. She can be fun, certainly isn't one of those tough chicks that you have to be careful around. Probably lives in some crappy apartment just outside Florence.
Supernaturally: Just another weak neonate, trying not to get eaten alive down in South Central. Embraced in the 1980's, judging by her look, though she certainly hasn't done anything valuable with her undead years!


Gender: Male
Alias : ma
Short desc: Pimp. Need more be said?
Publicly: Mortals do not really know too much about Melciah except that he is incredibly hard to understand, always makes out in deals with them, and pimps the finest hoes in his neighbourhood!
Supernaturally: In general, Melciah is respected by vampires, viewed as a strange one from overseas who should not be trifled with without dire need. Nobody really understands what the hell Melciah is saying half the time. Most know he comes from London and it is rumoured he has even met King Charles, although this IS purely rumour.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Devon
Alias : Von
Position: Sheriff of South Central
Short desc: Another ganger, move along
Publicly: I know two Devons.. There's Devon, he's straight aces down the line. Helps the homeless, talks to the black youths about staying in school and getting the fuck out of the ghetto.. He's one of those down on his luck old souls, always hooded and look'n like he jus walked out of a methadone clinic.. And…there's 'Von..Von is bad news..Von takes the youths that dont leave and turns them into armed reasons to double bolt yer door. That niggah is cold fuck'n blooded. I hear he beat this white kid half to death once, jus fer walk'n past someone wit'out say'n hello.. stay clear of tha one. -Joe the hobo
Supernaturally: Eh, Devon. He's been around for a little while, but you dont hear a great deal about him.. He's definately a Nosferatu and was formally in close with Blake… Now, anything is possible, but he doesnt cause any trouble and apparently likes to keep to himself..So, maybe he's not as bad as those other anarch types.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Sasha Anne Bennett
Alias : Sas
Position: Former LAPD detective. AWOL.
Short desc: Tall, athletic late 20's red-head, ice-green eyes.
Publicly: Sasha… Bennett? Hm. Depends who you ask. Six years ago she was the go-to-party girl. Some say she was pretty heavily messed up with drugs, always out boozing with her two best friends, hitting up the Hollywood party scene. Rumor has it she came back in town, all straightened up - a detective in the narcotics squad. Guess that didn't last too long - no one's seen her for a while and the cops aren't talking. Guess leopards don't change their spots, eh?
Supernaturally: She's a vampire? Huh. Thought she was a blood doll for the warlocks. Guess I must've heard wrong.
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Themesong: Garbage - Push It


Gender: Male
Full Name: Cassius
Alias : ca
Position: Anarch Coterie Leader of Athens
Short desc: A tall, lean male with long unfettered hair.
Publicly: Cassius is little known to anyone. Rumors exist in places like Athens and Santa Monica of a homeless guy who goes by that name but they are hard to substantiate. Stories of him range from the benign to the ridiculous.
Supernaturally: "I hear'd a lot o' things said 'bout that mo-fo. If'n yo don' know already, I ain' tellin' yo' shit! Lick be old an nasty an' I ain' bringin' tha' shit down on my head. G'luck, y'all." - Buster, Malkavian Street Walker.
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Gender: Male
Full Name: Jose Gabriel Rodriguez
Position: Anarch
Short desc: A mixed, handsome young man
Publicly: Jose Rodriguez? I heard of a Blood that runs around and parties throughout LA by that name. Stepped off the scene for a few years, might have did some time. But I heard he just got back into LA.
Supernaturally: Young and unknown, Jose Rodriguez is definately a new face to unlife. Not much is known about the fellow besides the fact that he is just now showing his face in Los Angeles. His attitude problem might make him a Brujah, his out-the-box behavior could be a Malkavian, or just his low-life look could quite possibly make him Caitiff.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Ruppert St-Etienne, Hairdresser to the Stars
Alias : junk
Position: Assistant Key Grip, Ambassador at Large
Short desc: Twitchy and tic_cy.
Publicly: Some Hollywood sort, I think. Does hair or make-up or production design? Totally whacked-out.
Supernaturally: Who knows? A Malkavian (or a Toreador method actor who got stuck in character?). Not exactly sane, nor especially smart. Showed up within the last 10 years or so from New York, or was it Europe?
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Gender: Female
Full Name: <none>
Alias : <none>
Position: <none>
Short desc: <none>
Publicly: Wasn't she … no, that must have been some other really gorgeous rich thing.
Supernaturally: There are rumors that there may be more Nephilim than one can count on three hands.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Alexa Guiverra
Alias : Lexi
Position: Lieutenant of the Fuerza, Leader of Long Beach Blvd.
Short desc: A very dark latino woman, apparently in her mid-twenties.
Publicly: Alexa. That Guiverra chica out of Florence? Oh shit, she's scary. She runs with the gang out of there, the Fuerza, the lieutenant or something. Heard some stories about her. A little violent. You can't miss 'er - lots of scars, that sorta thing. Always on the street in Florence. Careful though, she could shoot ya just fer looking at her wrong.
Supernaturally: Alexa Guiverra? Right, she was in LA for a short time around '92. Before that I think I heard she spent some time in Arizona. Seems pretty young, doesn't show up on anyways radars or anything until the end of the '80's. Her sire? Who knows, probably no one important though. This last time though, heard she came from Chicago maybe or something like that, with that Ali Santiago, you know the one in charge of South Central now, and the rest of the Fuerza that are in control of Florence. Not that Ali's her sire, though they seem sort of close.
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Gender: Female
Full Name: Ali Santiago
Alias : Santiago
Position: Seneschal and South Central's General, Primogen of Florence
Short desc: A tall, athletic Colombian woman in urban attire.
Publicly: Santiago? I dunno man, maybe yer gettin too specific. Ali? Yea, I know a few. There's that Colombian chick that runs the Fuerza down in Florence. Prolly just as accurate ta say she runs Florence. Ha, yea - she's /real/ easy to find. Just mosey your ass down to Florence, try not ta get shot up, an' look around for a Latina as tall as the guys she's with. Careful though, rumor has it that girl's hard core. She's always got at least a few people around her an' they ain't the chatting type. If you need shit in Florence though, you see her or her people.
Unless you meant the girl at the Laundry Mart - yea, she's got a rack.. whoooweee.
Supernaturally: From -just- this side of anarch (and that depends on who you ask) to Prince, done at the speed of a Brujah. It's crazy. Now I have to doubt most of what I've heard about her - - and that's quite a bit. Somewhere in the 90's she was here for the brawling, hanging around with A4 and Marshall (before Marshall was Prince), after having moseyed on over to the east coast to make a name for herself. Aw, what the hell do I look like - Encyclopedia Britannica? Ask someone who's gone east if you wanna know. Anyway, she got back to LA a bit ago and set up shop in South Central according to her usual m.o. Settle in, crack some heads, remind people why we leave Brujah the hell alone.. Man, did she wreck shop, too. Now she's settled in over in Florence, has been for a while, and out of nowhere - WHAM! Prince. Then WHAM! Not. Abdicated to Cora Fleece.
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Florence: Here


Gender: Female
Full Name: Cora Fleece
Alias : co
Position: Prince of South Central
Short desc: A comely, lithe woman. About 5'4 in a biker jacket.
Publicly: Cora Fleece? I don't know who you mean.
Supernaturally: Cora Fleece? Yeah, she's a Brujah Ancilla. Depending with whom you talk, she's either a powerful anarch or a forward-thinking potentate in the Camarilla. Either way you style it, she ruled most of South Central for a few decades. Some called her a prince. She's been gone a few a years. I've heard that she's back… .


Gender: Female
Full Name: Nita.
Position: In the backside, Pain
Short desc: Scrawny, stringy mestiza, tshirt, jeans, dirt, scars.
Publicly: Some transient lady, I think, or maybe she lives in town. She talks with the students down at the college and passes out information about civil rights stuff and dishes dirt on the border patrol and homeland security for treating people like crap.
Supernaturally: Fresh in from the desert, she's been seen mostly in South Central. Often in the company of some Professor. Haven't heard of her being presented. When she does talk, it's probably hippy social justice stuff. Build the community, tumble the establishment.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Halifax Jones
Alias : HJ
Short desc: He's a tall biker who's thinnish with blue eyes, black hair, and leathers.
Publicly: Another Biker drifter in town. He's not rich but ain't a pothead either. Drives an old bike. Looks like a Fashionably Scruffy movie reject.
Supernaturally: Another brujah in town, and another young one. Oh look, a leather jacket and a motorbike. Is there a factory somewhere pumping these out? Halifax, Hal, Halo… something like that. This kid acts like he can at least read. Looks a little young for the fang. But who knows.


Gender: Female
Publicly: Anika who? Ooooh.. -that- Anika. Why are you asking? Are you interested? Fairly pretty black thing and not too expensive. It's been quite some time ago since I saw her though.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Isabella Whittington
Alias : Isabella
Position: In no position to tell.
Short desc: Covered from head to toe.
Publicly: Bells is a professional surfer among the women's circuit. She has a sponsorship with Stewart Surfboards, and has been featured in several pictorials in surfing magazines.
Supernaturally: I think she was embraced by one those surfer anarchs. Poor gal never knew what hit her.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Conrad Little
Alias : con
Short desc: A tall, slender black man in his mid-thirties.
Publicly: I think he's a teacher somewhere in Watts.
Supernaturally: A fixture of Watts since the 60s, Conrad seems to fancy himself a vampire scholar. He's been presumed dead or at least relocated several times, but always manages to turn back up.


Gender: Male
Full Name: See below.
Alias : Jac
Position: Comic Relief
Short desc: See above.
Publicly: Who? Never heard of him.
Supernaturally: His past is relatively unknown, and many stories about him are contradictory and vague. It's hard to say what blood he carries in his veins or even what ideals he clings to, but all accounts agree on one thing - He's quite intelligent, and he always has a deck of cards.
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Gender: Male
Full Name: Eric Anatole
Alias : nat
Short desc: African American male. Average.
Publicly: Eric Anatole. Haven't heard much about him. Lives somewhere in South Central. Doesn't really talk about his job, either. Someone said something about being a driver, maybe? Cab driver, that is.
Supernaturally: A nice enough guy, haven't really had much time to feel him out, though. He's kept to himself since coming here, only going to Elysium from time to time to catch up with current events. I heard that he might be an anarch, but he doesn't seem like the type to break the traditions.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Ivan Zacarias
Alias : See name
Position: Keeper of the Phoenix Elysia
Short desc: A thin Latino wearing baggy clothes (
Publicly: I think I've seen him around. Sorta cute, kinda scrawny for most guys around here? Yeah that's him then. He owns the Phoenix now, I still need to take a look inside, I loved going there before it closed. I seen him talking to a few of the other girls. He's apparently got a thing for runaways, but he's never actually 'done' it with them. He likes takin' 'em out, have a good time, they make out for a bit then he leaves. Too bad he hangs out in Florence; I see him talking to those gangers all the time, but he doesn't seem like the other sleazy assholes.
Supernaturally: You know, for being what I've heard he is, he must've had a really strong connection to the Fuerza before he came here. He's become very close to the Fuerza, and he's gotten comfortable enough to start dabbling in local politics. He must be getting quite a bit bolder, especially now that he's been appointed Keeper of the new Phoenix Elysia in South Central.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Dia Reina Chavez
Alias : di
Position: Car Thief / 'Bitch'
Short desc: A tiny Latin woman with mocha-colored eyes and a black mane with neon-blue highlights.
Publicly: "Dia Reina Chavez? Why I haven't seen her in ages! It's been what… six years now since she's started running with those hooligans from down on Martin Luther King Boulevard? And she was such a nice, sweet young girl - would never hurt a fly, always willing to help, always had a smile on her face. And then her mother passed away and she… well… she just made some bad choices. I still see that shiny blue car of hers drive by every so often, but she doesn't live here any more so I haven't seen her up close. Only god knows what those hoodlums use her for." - Patricia Cardenas, Resident of Jackson Towers Apartment Complex, Age 74
Supernaturally: "That blue-haired childe belongs to Santiago? How typical. She must be mocking us by sending in an immature, petulant girl such as this." - Chester Rutherford, Visiting Ventrue Ancilla
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Gender: Male
Publicly: The guy matching your description isn't in my log of local visitors to this office. What? If so he wasn't brought here. No that can't be, since I don't have any log of a Jaded Martin in my office. You're crazy, get out!
Supernaturally: You mean that matted haired guy who lives in Florence? He is a tough son of a bitch. He generally stays out of peoples hair. I wouldn't recommend making him angry though. He is known to be almost as nutty as a Malkavian. Who knows? He might be a Malkavian!


Gender: Male
Publicly: That guy is fucked up. You see him around lately? He looks like he's on crack or something. Got that saggy skin and this weird look in his eye, shit even his skin gotten a little pale lately. I heard he rolls with the Bloods and got a bad ass street rep. A real killah if yah know what I'm sayin. Oh yeah, you heard about what happened to his Mom….don't ask yo, you don't wanna know.
Supernaturally: Some vague unconfirmed rumors have been flung about indicating that this man may have joined the ranks of the undead


Gender: Female
Full Name: Lucia Covas
Alias : L
Position: Frightened.
Short desc: Latina, curvey, hooded-shirt.
Publicly: Lucia Covas? Yeah, I think she ran with the Florencia. Though I heard she went missing back in November of Year-16. Probably a victim of the fighting between the Bloods and the Florencia.
Supernaturally: Who?


Gender: Male
Full Name: Lorenzo Kaikai
Alias : lobo
Publicly: THUGGG LIIIFFEEE MUTHAFUCKA! Straight out, hard core, granite stones where other bitches got peas and there ain't nothing short on that truth, bitch. Lobo's the OG from around the way, straight outta Compton 'til that shit got too -calm- for him! Swear ta FUCK! Man, you don't wanna play wit' that fool. Been Blood since he popped outta his momma, smacked her on the ass and threw a cool C-note her way.. after propping up a ladder to do it! Shit, I know he's hard but that bitch is -little-. It's what they used to call him. Lil'Lobo. I wouldn't try it though, killed some bitch last WEEK for it. I guess he wants a name change. I hear he's running with A4's crew outta Inglewood these days - a lieutenant over in the Crazy 9th street Bloods, playing -hard-.
Supernaturally: THUGGG LIIIFFEEE MUTHAFUCKA! Straight out, hard core, granite stones where other bitches got peas and there ain't nothing short on that truth, bitch. Lobo's the OG from around the way, straight outta Compton 'til that shit got to -calm- for him! Swear ta FUCK! Man, you don't wanna play wit' that fool. Been Blood since he popped outta his momma, smacked her on the ass and threw a cool C-note her way. It's all about the Benjamins. I hear he's running with A4's crew outta Inglewood these days - a lieutenant over in the Crazy 9th street Bloods.


Gender: Male
Alias : Quag
Publicly: Just one of the many bums in and around the seedier parts of downtown. Nothing special.
Supernaturally: A new face that has been seen sporatically around the city, possibly a newly embraced childe. It fits the stereotype of a sewer rat, but even the other Nosferatu don't seem to have much contact with it.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Grace Knight
Publicly: Aw, little Gracie. She's been a figure around town for about a year now, roaming around town and staying off the radar for the most part. She does volunteer work down at the women's shelter - if you're looking for her, I'd try there first.
Supernaturally: You know, there are so many damn licks in this town and you want me to remember one. There was a Toreador that went by that a few dozen years ago, then another one a half century ago, and a third somewhere in the 1800's. It's a popular name. C'mon, 'Grace'. For a Toreador? Might as well name a Brujah 'Buster' or 'Razor'. Oh, wait. There was one named Razor? Forget I said that. So, three Toreador, that mortal Carmin married.. didn't he ghoul her? Oh, and I think there was a Ventrue around too. In Santa Monica, of course. Where else do they go? I'm sure there are a handful of blood bags by that name, too, but none that come to mind.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Angela Maria Burnes
Short desc: Okay I'm short it isn't like I could do anything about it!
Publicly: Angela is a good kid, when you get deep down. Okay so she did some bad things in the past. She was in jail and then there was the crimes she didn't get caught for and then the whole mural thing. I miss the murals I would like her to do more of them, damned police need to be put in their place again. She vanished for a while there I guess she was in jail again, poor kid.
Supernaturally: She is a punk. She has obvious issues with authority and a quick sharp tongue that has gotten her into trouble. She is pretty young so hopefully as she ages, if she lives that long, she will tone down. She was born in South Central but has spent a little time Down town though she doesn't go there anymore. She vanished during the earthquake and most left her for dead like so many others but she has recently shown up in South Central again.
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Gender: Female
Full Name: Rosalind Flores
Alias : Ro
Short desc: Curveacous and Latino, dressed in a fashionable suit with gems about her neck.
Publicly: "Yo, chico. Oh, she likes to -play-, dontcha know? Ever want a good time, if ya know what I mean, -nudge nudge-, then get her playin' darts, or poker. Hooyeah. If she likes ya, or hell, even if she don't, she'll buy rounds of tequila for everyone! And get this - she gave me this pair of *real* Gucci shoes 'cause she didn't want to haul her ass back up to Rodeo Drive and return'm." Roberta, regular at the Rebel.
Supernaturally: I think she may be someone's servant, or perhaps she's a Caitiff. Heard about someone seeing her at the Expo when a vampire was being judged for crimes. No, she was never introduced.
Photo: Here


Gender: Male
Publicly: Just another faceless mass shuffling along on the streets or nesting up in some building here or there. Heard tell he knows some first aid and what's edible among wild plants. Maybe he used to be a medic or something. Or a vet, they say he's good with animals.
Supernaturally: Says he's a Gangrel, but nobody's ever heard of him. Then again, who can be bothered to take a census of stinking rebel Neonates. Heard folks say they've seen him doing the Dr. Doolittle thing, so it's likely he's what he says he is. Especially since he doesn't look like an escapee from a freakshow.


Gender: Male
Full Name: James "Furious" Costigan
Alias : fury
Position: Inglewood Anarch - Head stomper
Short desc: A dusky skinned male.
Publicly: Unconvincing rumors of someone named Furious in Inglewood, South Central.
Supernaturally: There is a rumor of such a creature in South Central.


Gender: Male
Alias : Qui
Publicly: Who? Tyler Quint? Oh, used to be big in the martial arts or something, but then left the spotlight. Few years later, he comes back, and has set up shop in South Central, as a 'security consultant'. The business is doing well, far as I can tell, though.
Supernaturally: One of those Nephilim people. Not much is known about him.

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