Santa Monica Characters

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Gender: Male
Full Name: Matt Schnell
Alias: m
Position: Primogen of Venice
Publicly: Matt is one of the up-and-coming player agents on the national sports market. He is a nice guy who handles his players well and normally gets the best deals for them. He works a lot of overtime and is always on his way to a new deal/customer
Supernaturally: Matt, chylde of Maguire the Ventrue, has made quite a name for himself as a man of intrigue and schemes. He lived in Prince Emerson's domain but recently he left Downtown for good to join his Ventrue brethren in Santa Monica, heeding a call by Lord Entwistle. It's rumored that he was embraced over in the old world in the early nineties. A Ventrue elder called him a Vampiristic DIplomat once, but Matt managed to anger more Elders than most of his clan's young.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Acton
Alias: Ac
Position: Prince of Santa Monica
Short desc: A well-dressed man. Boldly bald. Pale, blue eyes.
Publicly: I don't know many fellows named Acton. I've heard of one, I believe. He's a senior partner at some big law firm that does major transactional work. You know, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and those sorts of things. I'm not sure which one, though.
Supernaturally: An Elder Ventrue, Acton is widely believed to be one of the most powerful vampires in Los Angeles. Some speak that his bloodline is closely connected to that of the ancient Ventrue, Charles, the purported vampire king of Great Britain. Notwithstanding these words, few contest that Acton stands firmly in Los Angeles on his own. He holds a sizeable portion of western Los Angeles as his domain, and he has stood openly as Emerson's chief rival for nearly four decades. No, Great Britain is too far from Los Angeles for there to be serious thoughts of British Imperialism. Merely, Acton is a potent example of the tradition of power manifested by the Ventrue.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Theresa Mountebanc
Alias: th
Position: Ancilla Tremere of Santa Monica
Short desc: Light brown hair, watchful grey eyes. Contained.
Publicly: Some sort of recluse in Beverly Hills. I've heard she's an old lady… but she must keep a granddaughter around the property. I don't know. It's the quietest damn house in Beverly, that's for damn sure.
Supernaturally: An ancilla living around Santa Monica — a Tremere, certainly. Once or twice she's been called the "loneliest vampire in Los Angeles…" not really clear why, except she lives in that creepy atmosphere of Beverly Hills. Have you ever talked to her? Sometimes she seems normal enough for a warlock — polite, educated, you know. But sometimes she just really seems to see much more than your average bear.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Rachael is a good enough name to stand alone…
Alias: rt
Position: Brentwood Ghost. And Primogen.
Short desc: A scruffy, unkempt woman.
Publicly: Rachael… Rachael *who*? No, sorry, can't say the name rings a bell. Where'd you say she hangs? In a park? Well, err… go and look in a park then, don't ask me. Get away from me, weirdo!
Supernaturally: An elusive lady, is Rachael. Her nickname is the 'Brentwood Ghost' - because she is rumoured to reside in Brentwood, and it is as difficult to prove her existence as any ghost. Keeping herself distant from all, it is supposed to be more easy for a neonate to track her down than their elder cousins. Strange preference really, given that stories of the half-feral Gangrel persist over more than a few decades.
Photo: here


Gender: Male
Full Name: Frederico Calvas Montoya
Alias: Fred
Position: Primogen of Silver Lake
Short desc: A short, arrogant man of Spanish extraction.
Publicly: Fred Montagne? I assume he's in the phone book. There's a guy by that name lives in a big house in Brentwood, isn't there? Maybe a director or an actor or something.
Supernaturally: Frederico Montoya is the childe of former Prince Rodrigo, who cultivated Los Angeles from birth through the nights of 1965. He was a faithful servant of his sire, and in the aftermath of the Watts Riots managed to re-establish himself in Brentwood under the protection of Prince Acton. He's a purely local player, and does not seem to have any ambitions outside of the Los Angeles area. He has an excellent reputation for honesty and fairness, though humility is not known to be his strong point.
Photo: Here


Gender: Male
Full Name: Christopher Kyle
Alias: ck
Position: Regent.
Short desc: Tall dark and handsome.
Publicly: Cypress College professor of Archaeology.
Supernaturally: This is an unusual Tremere - oh he can do all the bookworm stuff alright - but he's rather down-to-earth and unpretentious. Not real fond of circumlocution. In fact he would smack you for using such a word. He is dashing and brings to mind an adventurer of sorts. He's been popular at Elysia, and is said to be an exceptional swordsman.
Photo: Here


Gender: Male
Full Name: Gregory Kasdan
Position: Knight of Pico Boulevard
Short desc: Average height, average looks, average clothes.
Publicly: The name is not one with which the mortal world is familiar. Other than those Hollywood director/producers. Probably no relation.
Supernaturally: Gregory Kasdan has kept to his docks in Long Beach, even after acquiring land in Santa Monica. Little is still known, openly, of his origins… but he is almost certainly Brujah and his Sire is rumored to be a Brujah of some note, but exactly who is not known to the general public. He has clearly been reclusive in the past, and he has been rumored to be ruthless as well. There are stirrings that he intends to become much more visible now that he has left both Santa Monica and Long Beach behind him. That said, why would someone who spent so much time in Ventrue domains choose to leave them?
Photo: Here


Gender: Male
Full Name: Nathan Cray
Alias: na
Position: A Member of the Camarilla
Short desc: A flash of fashion that draws the eye, thin, late 20s.
Publicly: A charming, gorgeous young man who can't possibly be older than 30 and who owns a small art gallery on the Santa Monica Strip, "Impressions of the Soul." It's said he can find most any art that's for sale, and sometimes a piece or two that isn't. He's known to sponsor many new artists, both in his gallery and at art shows throughout the city. He has some dealings in the literary and theatre world as well, and he's recently been making a splash on the Indy movie scene. He is an outspoken proponent of the Screen Actors Guild and seems to know quite a few actors, particularly those who are willing to take risks in the roles they choose.
Supernaturally: An Ancilla of the Toreador, Nathan Cray is believed to have come to Los Angeles from Paris in the 1920s under the name Jonathan Crandall. By all accounts, he was of little importance in Prince Rodrigo's court and disappeared from the city in 1962, ending his struggle with Harrison Mayfair for control of the film industry. He returned to Santa Monica in 1988 as a knight in service of Prince Acton where he rose to the rank of Primogen, controlling some of the city's best hunting grounds. He left for a few years to Paris and has now returned. Nathan is known for his charm, quick smile and ability to set just about anyone at ease.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Owen McKinney
Publicly: Figure him for some salesman, road warrior type. He has some business dealings in Santa Monica. Laid back type, has some reputation as a bit of a hustler.
Supernaturally: This guy is the servant to some powerful vampire, apparently. Not sure who, but if he's allowed to get involved in vampire business on his boss' behalf, he must be trusted to be pretty competent.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Brandon Athol
Alias: Br
Short desc: Tall, spiked hair, wearing a suit.
Publicly: Brandon is known in some circles as an excellent music producer, to even more he is known as an good guitar teacher, to even more a guitar player. He drives two different cars, does not seem to have a wife or girlfriend, and avoids standard hangout spots for others of his general age group. He only goes to bars when meeting someone for a first time.
Supernaturally: Brandon is a neonate Toreador living under the domain of Prince Acton. He has his own home and is rumored to be something of a musician. His sire is Osiris, who has moved out of the city around Year-11.
Photo: Here


Gender: Male
Full Name: William L. Johnston
Alias: WJ
Position: Sheriff
Short desc: An average looking man in his mid-20s.
Publicly: Dr. Johnston? Some math prof at Santa Monica College. Like, night classes. My brother's taking calculus from him, and says he's ok, but likes to go off on weird science and history tangents. I mean, I don't care who invented the cosine or whatever, I just want my C.
Supernaturally: Some low-level Tremere out of Santa Monica, so you know he's got to be part of the Camarilla. He came to the city from somewhere back East, but he's not one of those old-country types. He's only been in town for five or six years, tops.

The Boa

Gender: Male
Full Name: Scipio Vuben Boa
Alias: Boa
Position: Primogen of Venice
Short desc: Polite to friends, an asshole to everyone else.
Publicly: Who? What kind of stupid name is that? Nah, never heard 'em.
Supernaturally: The Boa? I haven't heard that name in a long time. If I remember right he's one of the few Nosferatu that calls Santa Monica home and even managed to get Acton to give him control of some territory. No one that I know has seen or heard from him in at least a few years but you know those Nosferatu…that doesn't mean he's not still hanging around and watching.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Vear Savant, lead singer for the band "Verdant Tears" and CEO of the new up and coming record label, "Crimson Tears". Hail from a foster home in Miami, Fl and attended a small performing art college in Santa Monica for a couple months before dropping out and doing his music full-time. Kinda successful, still working on it. Their buisness email address is moc.sraetnosmirc|ofni#moc.sraetnosmirc|ofni.
Supernaturally: Sired by a Sr. Neonate Brujah about 5 years ago, but abandoned and not taught much about Vampire society. Basically of no importance in Vampire society so he's been left alone up until now, not even approached by any other vampires but with his rise in fame he may be approached soon.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Levi Kaufmann
Alias: LK
Position: Primogen of Venice
Short desc: A old man with long, thin hair and a cane.
Publicly: The Mishkon Tephilo in Venice, "The Conservative Synagogue by the Sea", has recently been blessed by the arrival of Rabbi Levi Kaufmann from the east. The elderly man is said to have a gentle voice and give wise advice.
Supernaturally: Long ago, during the reign of Rodrigo, Levi was Lord over a vast stretch of land within Los Angeles, and served as a loyal lieutenant of the august Prince. Before his lord fell, he vanished, and was thought long dead.
The Rabbi has returned, said to have crawled right from the ground, and has swiftly sought to re-establish himself. Seen in the many Elysia of the city, he has the unusual habit of wearing no false face whenever he is in a secure location, taking pride in the hideous curse of his Blood.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Nelson Jacobs
Alias: Nel
Position: Seneschal. Primogen of Malibu.
Short desc: Khakis and white shirt. Mid-twenties.
Publicly: No, no one….Oh! Jacobs. Yeah, I've seen him talking to some of the professors. Seems to be a TA or something like that. Lives somewhere in Malibu. Looks pretty straight-laced, though I heard that wasn't always the case. Yeah. Something about night clubs and cults. Weird shit. Maybe rebelling against some rich parents. You'd think he'd be old enough to be past that.
Supernaturally: He arrived from Boston a few years ago, a member of clan Tremere. Don't really know what he does for them, but he's apparently a strong supporter of the traditions, and the Camarilla as a whole. So strong that he's been given some sort of office in Santa Monica. He doesn't seem to hold anything against anarchs, but "doesn't approve," whatever that means.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Fern Williams Hawthorne
Alias: fe
Short desc: Fern is a short woman, short red(auburn) hair, lepard skin jacket, velvet red and gold skirt, high heels.
Publicly: Fern is a filthy rich woman by all accounts. She struts along as if she is better then everyone else, He held high, chin out, small smile on her face. She frequents fancy and expensive stores, wearing that horrible lepard skin jacket of her's. She supports Beverly Hills with slight donations of her money but never seems to care much for the slum living people. She sometimes will kick dirt in their faces or insult them.
Supernaturally: Fern is a respectful young neonate Tremere. There is a lot to say about her but we will just give you the basics. She is rich, she has great potential for power among the vampire community, but she requires training by an older and more knowledgeable member of her clan.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Bodhi Michaels can be seen anyplace money gathers in numbers… Trendy Nightclubs, Exclusive Parties, Political Functions, etc. He always seems to quietly find his way to the right side of the velvet rope.
Supernaturally: Bodhi, a Childe Ventrue, seems to have made a small success of himself in NC. He was sent to LA to gain 'worldly' experience. He is rumored to be quiet and open-minded when it comes to Business. He is most often seen in the trendy gathering places. He lives somewhere in Santa-Monica.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Della Clarke
Position: Tremere Childe.
Short desc: Tall pretty blonde.
Publicly: Della Clarke is the daughter of a now dead oil tycoon, David Clarke. He died a year back some sort of accident..
Supernaturally: Della Clarke? Tremere childe. She used to be Nelson Jacobs' ghoul, but apparently the elders of the clan decided to take her away and embrace her.
Photo: Here
Quote: Della says "I'm too pretty to have a melted face." Will says "It'll grow back. :("


Gender: Male
Full Name: Daniel T. Furcifer
Alias: Furcifer
Position: Professional Debunker and reporter for the L.A. Times
Short desc: Mid-Thirties. Blonde, blue-grey eyes. Thinish, tall.
Publicly: Daniel T. Furcifer is a moderately well known author of several books on the topic of debunking myths, legends and the so-called 'supernatural'. Recently came to work for the L.A. Times and is relatively new to L.A.. He's known to believe that everything has a sound explanation. Only fools believe in the supernatural. He's not been seen for a while, perhaps he was out researching a new book somewhere. But he seems to have come back from wherever he went.
Supernaturally: Who? The reporter? A nobody as yet but word is he's Pyotr's kid. Just in from out of town and claiming to be fresh and new. That'll change fast or he won't last in *this* town.


Gender: Male
Publicly: John Rainer? Yeah he was in the army a while back. He works security now. I think the last stint he did was guarding some Nuclear Power plant. I heard he is working as a security guard at the Pelican. Seems a little below his pay grade don't you think? Oh well thats recession for yah.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Anansi
Short desc: Effervescent.
Publicly: Anansi is a twentysomething intern at Darklight Studios, a special effects studio located in West Hollywood that specializes in scifi. Seems as bubbly and strange as anyone would expect from a scifi nut. Rather energetic, and likes to talk, if you would describe a constant barrage of questions with an almost childlike curiousity to be talking.
Supernaturally: Not much is known about Anansi. She seems to have just sprung into existence in the year 2000, just after the turn of the millenium. Arrived recently in LA with Daedalus, and seems rather taken with him. She is filled with energy, curiousity, and even more curiousity.


Gender: Male
Alias: feral
Position: Sheriff of Santa Monica, Knight of Culver City
Publicly: Carraig is often seen wandering around Venice Beach, talking to the 'enlightened' and the vacationers. He's also seen sporting a biker jacket with polynesian tribal designs that say 'Toa Aotearoa' though he doesn't really ride with anyone else.
Supernaturally: Carraig is the child of Janet MacGregor, a Gangrel known as the Lady Wendigo. He currently lives in Santa Monica. He is himself sometimes called 'Taniwha' though only does he jokingly say this term, as when asked it is some horrible mythic beast in Maori legend that hardly resembles vampirism - apart from hunger. What is known about him, is that he is a very inquisitive sort, and when he does get goaded into talking finds himself curious about the opinions of others on the origins of Vampirism, and the reasons for its existence. By all accounts he's something of a philosopher-vampire.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Nico? I think I might have heard of him. Is he that well mannered English fellow that's out in Santa Monica?
Supernaturally: Nico is respected by vampires and is known to be a sturdy member of the Camarilla. He hails from overseas and most know he comes from London area originally.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Father Icarus Patrioni has recently opened the Church of St. Dismas in Santa Monica. His sermons are recorded and are fairly popular in California as well as in Italy. He's one of those Old Religion priests, the ones who take the Bible very seriously. On the other hand, his radical views on theology and deep fascination with the darker side of the faith make him a bit standoffish at times. I heard he is the lead researcher of some occult thing. Not quite familiar with what it is, but I hear it's some pretty intense stuff.
—Sales Clerk, CHRIST AND YOU Novelty Shop


Gender: Female
Full Name: Melanie Hall
Alias: mela
Short desc: Short, petite, black hair and a bright purple fashion sense.
Publicly: Melanie Hall's just a bit of a hippie - she's from San Francisco, after all, and of *course* she's into all that New Age-y stuff. She runs the Amethyst Night, a shop down on Venice Beach where they sell crystals and herbs and stuff like that - Quinn Landers's old place. But wow, she's got this creepy vibe going that Quinn never had. Bad karma backing up on her or something?
Supernaturally: Melanie's most recently from San Francisco, but she wasn't made there - her Sire is Peter McNichols of Portland, Oregon. She's been undead for about 20 years, and hasn't done a whole lot to make a reputation for herself in that time, either good or bad.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Justyn Augustus Valarion
Short desc: A tall, thin, extremely attractive young man with dark hair and jade eyes.
Publicly: Valarion? Some junior associate working for the local branch of a big law firm. Used to be quite the popular rich party boy on the Santa Monica strip hanging out with lots of local hot boys until he disappeared.
Supernaturally: The blue blood lawyer who was said to be able to get whatever documents a vamp needed, for a price? Yeah, rich as fuck, but has a stick up his ass, complete Ventrue. Disappeared about the time of the Prince Andrew fiasco, there were rumors …


Gender: Male
Full Name: Lucius Cesare
Alias: Lucius
Position: Primogen of West Hollywood.
Short desc: A dark-haired, green-eyed man of middle age and vaguely European extraction.
Publicly: Lucius Cesare is a well-respected architect in West Hollywood. He was recently relocated to the area by his firm. A friendly and personable man, it is not uncommon to find him around the campus of universities and colleges around Southern California giving guest lectures or socializing with faculty and students. As a patron of the arts, he has been known to purchase the works of up and coming artists to support their burgeoning careers.
Supernaturally: Daedalus, or Lucius Cesare, is an older Toreador from the 'old world'. A plain looking fellow he can usually be found in the West Hollywood section of Santa Monica. He is one of the newest of the newcomers to the city and so a relative unknown at this time though it can be reasonably assumed that he, like his clan members, is an artist or art afficionado of some sort.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Cecil Northrup
Position: Steward of the Pelican Club
Short desc: White male, brown hair, under thirty.
Publicly: Cecil Northrup has been in town for a few years now; he's presently employed as the manager of the Pelican Club. His lawyer, Frank Miller, was brutally murdered a while back, but nobody ever caught the killer.
Supernaturally: A Santa Monica Warlock; he tends to lurk in Malibu or on the Third Street Promenade.


Gender: Male
Alias: Sal
Publicly: Sal Ricco moved to LA from Las Vegas just recently. He apparently ran the Riv for a long time back in the day, and he's supposedly got connections back in New York, too.
Supernaturally: Sal the Screw is supposed to be one of those brain-busting high-riders from Las Vegas, but he knows where he stands. After all, the mafia wasn't famous for letting people get away with stuff.


Gender: Male
Full Name: Charles Twining
Alias: Bart
Position: Seneschal of Santa Monica. Primogen. Bloodthirsty Pirate at need.
Publicly: Who? Maybe he's in the phone book?
Supernaturally: Charles Twining? Some new guy in town, came in not long ago from somewhere or other to settle in Santa Monica. Definitely in the Camarilla camp. Not a neonate either. And did you see that eyepatch he's wearing?


Gender: Male
Full Name: Tobias Moon
Alias: Moon
Position: Knight of LA Cemetery
Short desc: An observing man of tall height wearing light colours.
Publicly: A tall, obviously rich man, probably high born judging by the way he carries himself when seen pacing leisurly through the streets of Santa Monica, the way he dresses, the silver jaguar he drives and the way he speaks. Must be some kind of CEO or politician or just filthy rich.
Supernaturally: Tobias seems to have quite an interest in Camarilla affairs and tries to keep himself up to date on the subject of other vampires. He acts corteously and with eloquence when approached. He seems to have been around America quite a bit, and is currently residing in the city of Angels, more specifically in Santa Monica.


Gender: Female
Full Name: Victoria Tatienne Black, Operatic Full Lyric Soprano
Alias: Doll
Short desc: Tall redhead in her mid-20s
Publicly: A British classically-trained musician, Victoria is also known to be rather wealthy and fond of throwing and attending parties. Having purchased the rights to nightclub, she's known to be something of a patron to musicians.
Supernaturally: Victoria is a transplant from the London Camarilla, and is rumoured to be on the look out for permission to start some club or another for Vampires. Her sire is still in London.

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