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Keeper of Huntington, Warden of San Marino



Samael is the Keeper of Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in Greater Downtown. His androgynous appearance, demeanor and obsession with music, make it hard to think of him as anything but a Rose.

Stories about him however, are less obvious, not to say highly unlikely. It is said the angelic appearance is a mask, hiding a true abomination underneath.
Rumor has it this creature was a Viennese chorister, ghouled and embraced for an exceptional voice. Children do not turn, should not turn however; Little monsters and walking breaches. Yet it appears, this one slipped through.

The freak turned up in South Central 3 decades ago, pursuing a notorious history of trouble and deceit. It was a known thrall to more than one Nosferatu. It is said he drank from them so deeply that he gained the Nosferatu's ability to cloak. One wonders if such ties could ever cease.

Although it managed to 'ascend' to both Coterie Leader and Expo Park Keeper one can argue if the Aryan, fervently religious vampire ever really 'fit in', even amongst outcasts. When it gained sufficient respectability to be invited to Downtown, it switched sides like the flip of a coin. Although he’s known to occasionally laps back to South-Central lingo and stubbornness, the loyalty to his new Domain and Prince stands unquestioned until now.

Plot Hooks

  • Background in Austria/Vienna, Bellflower, Expo Park and San Marino/Huntington
  • Toreador or Nosferatu
  • Artistic ability or influence (Music/singing in particular)
  • Religious (Catholic in particular)

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