Nevada Montoya Florez

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Nevada Montoya Florez


Warden of Eagle Rock




This Latina's roots lie in New Orleans. A Vodoun medium and night-club dancer in her breathing days, she was discovered by her Sire-to-be, Harrison Mayfair. She moved with him to LA at the turn of the century, helping him build his Hollywood Empire.

Then, the Sabbat Incursion happened and the woman came out… changed. From '58 she often stayed in New York, focusing on Broadway Musical Productions. Her tabs on the movie-industry remain strong; talent-agencies and celebrity-cults dabbling with the occult.

When Raina Beecham was send away, Nevada returned to take her younger sisters place as a representative of her Sire. When you can't or won't meet the Man himself, you could try talk to her.

Plot Hooks

  • Toreador
  • Hollywood
  • Vodoun


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