Harrison Mayfair

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Harrison Mayfair used to be the Overseer of Hollywood. However, he became one of the vicims in the war between Acton and Emerson. Hence, the information below is interesting, but history:




Mortal Background

Harrison Joseph Mayfair was born in Los Angeles, California on January 18th, 1969. His father, Joseph Mayfair, was an entertainment lawyer and his mother, Deborah Mayfair was a stay at home wife and mother. Harrison, or Harry as his friends call him, attended a private school in Europe, and spent most of his childhood overseas. He spent several years abroad traveling and seeing the world after he left school. He returned to Los Angeles in 1990, and worked with his father after his mother passed away. In 1995, with money he inherited after his father's death, he founded American Rose Productions. He first worked with other production companies on the film Big Daddy, using his father's former clientele and contacts to provide himself a means of contact. Since then, he's worked on several motion pictures, and was recently named one of the up and coming producers of note in Hollywood. He's often seen at the various Hollywood events, frequently on the arm of some young starlet.

Vampire Background

The first mention of Harrison is in Paris during the 18th century. There's little hard knowledge about his stay there, the next concrete information being his appearance in New Orleans just before the Civil War. He counted the Prince as a friend, and his childe Catherine DeLoire as his mentor. He bloomed under her tutelage, and was considered among the top tier of vampire in the city. However in 1895, a scandal drove him from New Orleans and across the country to Los Angeles.
He made friends with Rodrigo early on, and took an interest in the nascent film industry. He stayed out of the Sabbat incursions for the most part, working largely as an enforcer of the Masquerade. He maintains a close relationship with Emerson, and continued to support him, even after the break-up in 1984. He has few enemies in the city, though those in the know will know that he does have them.

Camarilla Background

Harrison Mayfair is a longtime supporter of the Camarilla. He has been since before his arrival in Los Angeles, and has been ever since. Harrison is the guy you call if you need a quick Masqerade cover. He has long functioned in the city as a servant of the local authorities in covering Masqerade breakage. He was especially busy doing this during the Sabbat incursions and during the Watts Riots.

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