Matt Schnell

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Matt Schnell


Sir, Knight of Santa Monica, Special Envoy to the Winged Ones


I played for over 5 Real Life Years, so I might have forgotten one thing or another about my character's exploits, stories etc. Feel free to add when you have detailed information. Most of this content is free and ICly readily available if one brings only enough time to dig into MAtt's background.


Arrived in La (Domain Downtown) in Year 2 and without delay started to make enemies with a couple of Malkavians, chief amongst them Ruppert Saint-Etienne. Worked for the late Archon Patrick on a covert mission to find out about Sabbat incursions in LA and clan Ventrue. Was forced to leave Downtown and was taken under the wing by Lady AMelia Atherton. After extensive schooling and tutoring, Matt Schnell was tasked as Knight of Lord Nathan Cray and eventually was drawn into the Santa Monica powerstruggle between Cray, Atherton and the Gangrel pack from Argentina led by El Charro. He has a friend/foe relationship to the childe of El Charro, Marisol Cabrera. He was a close associate to Sheriff Zakhar and he even bested El CHarro in a fight. Schnell was part in two coteries, one with December and another one called legio Praetoris with a few older members of SM. Friedrich von Seydlitz was of the same blood as Matt, so he took the young Ventrue under his wings and both worked through some rough times, e.g. the Hunter dilemma, the Ghoul catastrophe etc. The Princess Adele affair was the next big point in the unlife of Schnell and after that, Schnell held the title of Primogen of Palms, but he gave this up under strange happenings. Now he is floating around the Getty and surely up to no good.


A black haired, male person of average height. His skin is a pale colour, almost shining as polished. He's wearing a business suit, complete with black tie and white shirt, some dark Gucci shoes and short cropped hair, slightly tinted with grey on the edges. His eyes seem to have a greenish colour. His face is gaunt, with a goatee adorning his chin. He always seems on the verge of a smile, but not smiling completely. A small scar shows where he got cut once on his left cheekbone. He uses a walking stick, complete with silver handle to support himself while walking. But it's clearly visible he wouldn't need that.

Plot Hooks

Feud with Gangrel pack, Church fo Empirology, Winged Ones, Fight against Downtown, Hunters/Masq Breaches, Sabbat Incursions, UCLA, Nosferatu Monster in Santa Monica (Sam)


European Times

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