Kusala Benjamin

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Kusala Benjamin


Keeper of the Los Angeles Elysia — Neonate — Large Marge — Caitiff (Malkavian) — Landowner in South Central — Lit'l Mama — The Bloodhound


She's a roamer of the LA area for many years, always returning to Watts. Most people know her for her hanging around the homeless, wandering with them as they pass around the inner city, keeping an eye on the less savory areas. She's also known by gangstahs as a street doctor when going to the ER won't do. In many ways, Kusala has grown with the game. She has now been in LA for 20 years and has already had to use several aliases and many disguises to avoid the mortals memories of her. She has carved her niche in vampiric society, as transient as that may be and wears her rags like satin and silk. For many years, she was known as Caitiff, but after Emerson retook the city and she was named Keeper by the primogen council, she declared she had finally gone over into clan Malkavian.

Mortal History

General: The Mortals know her but don't know that they know her. Gangstahs knew her as Lit'l Mama, their street doctor of many years, ended by Lit'l Mama's death in Compton and grows lesser and older with the passage of time. Now without knowing, they call her Large Marge, the newer surgeon on the streets.

Vampire History

General: Sure she's been around. Around every indigent, tramp, hobo, wino and garbage dump between here and San Diego, I'll warrant. One whiff will tell you that. Man, I don't know anyone who'd take credit for embracing her. Let's face it, she was a Caitiff of South Central. She's nicknamed 'Lit'l Mama' by some, 'Bloodhound' and 'Caitiff' by others, but most folk still call her Kusala. She's come a long way baby. Since she was named Keeper by the primogen counsel, she declared her clan Malkavian.


"Ah be here long 'for ewe got here. Ah be here long aftah ewe be gone."

Kusala Description

She is a small black woman, perhaps 5 feet and somewhat bent over by bad posture. Her cornrowed hair is swept back and held by a white kerchief revealing simple cross dangle earrings on her ears. Large brown eyes when seen peering over sunglasses seem to have a hint of attentiveness on an otherwise deadpan, plain and homely face, though at the moment she indeed appears rather motherly. She's between 45 or 50 of age. Her dark denim cotton dress is rolled up to the elbows and the neck has 3 buttons unbuttoned in the front, creating a little 'v', the full skirt comes to below her knees and she has a full cook's apron stained with years of use over the front. She wears a pair of black sandals, lugs around an overstuffed black case and large arm purse that has an handle of some sort sticking out of it.

Large Marge Description

This immensely large woman sort of swaggers when she walks in her Hawaiian print green and white moomoo. A headband of woven daisies crowns her cornhaired coarse black hair. She is not beautiful, but perhaps joyful is the word. Perhaps its because this lady is past middle age (and over 350 pounds), no more than 55 years old as there is no graying in her hair, but still there's those shining brown eyes and wide toothed grin that seems to make being her friend easy.

Plot Hooks

Watts. The Homeless. She's purported to be a good tracker, a finder of corpses, smeller of blood. She's doctored gangstahs for years.


Evenings and some weekends, EST

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