Isabel Torres

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Primogen of East Compton and the Bellflower Triangle


A very watered down History

Embraced before 1900 in California.
Panned for Gold in the Yukon.
Survived Chicago.
Lived in a cave. Had a little coterie involved in Vaudeville.
Actively disagreed with cattle-car deportation of Mexicans.
Actively disagreed with what was going on at Tule Lake.
Actively but quietly disagreed with some Camarilla policies.
1960 - Entered Los Angeles.
1964 - Disappeared before the Riots. Move along now.
Year 08 - Kusala Benjamin of Watts finds a crate stamped with "Pandora Exports" on it and bravely opened the box and awakened the Nosferatu.

Between then and now:

Became Primogen of East Compton and the Bellflower Triangle
Betrayed the Watts Coterie
Became one of the Fuerza
Actively did not support Seneschal Martel D'Enghien of South Central
Was captured and put on trial in Santa Monica, to be executed for not appreciating all the Traditions
Went on a field trip to Vegas


Plot Hooks

  • If you are in clan Nosferatu
  • If you are are a resident of South Central
  • If you desire to trade or buy information
  • If you need something handcrafted (Anything from cut gemstones to rubber chickens in fine courtly garb.)
  • If Spanish is your native language
  • If you have ties to the Wild West/Vaudeville/old California/Chicago

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