How to Create a Character Page

To start creating a Player-page, please enter the name of your Player-page here:


You need to be a member of this site (and logged in) before you can add a character page.

In order for your page to be recognized as a member of the 'character'-category, the name of the page should be formatted as follows: character:<name>. Example: chararcter:bob.

The title of the page should simply be your character name.

In order for your page to appear in the list you will need to tag it. Tags that will display are listed in the table below:

Category Tag Options
Default tag character (please don't remove it)
Race vampire, mortal, ghoul
Sect camarilla, anarch, sabbat, inconnu
Clan brujah, gangel, malkavian, nosferatu, toreador, tremere, ventrue, caitiff, nephilim, other
Age childe, neonate, ancilla, elder, ancient
Position steward, landholder, whip, primogen, assistant-keeper, keeper, deputy, sheriff, scourge, ambassador, seneschal, prince, archon, justicar
Status active, inactive, away, dead
PC or NPC pc, npc
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