Hailey Rihon

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Hailey E. Rihon



By Los Angeles' standard, Hailey has no earned or possessed titles.


Rumors state that Hailey Rihon is older than would've initially been believed. She had been welcomed into the domain only a year ago, but the dirt on the street says she spent most of her unlife beneath the dead streets. Her experience with her own clan educated her enough on etiquette that she keeps herself out of trouble, but that doesn't seem to stop her from pushing the bounds.

At her beginning, Hailey did little on her own; she spent more time with established members of the Nosferatu, such as Isabel and Evan, her younger Brother. A few visits here and there to Elysias and suddenly she was gone. The rest falls into rumors, such as her associations with the Toreador Cyrus Sedoso for God only knows why; she has also been seen with some of the Tremere, where rumors say she even helps them. Somehow, she's managed to keep out of any of the Prince's eyes, especially one of her own clan, Emory.


This young woman's frame remains stocky; while not overweight or even chunky by any means, she's no where near rail thin, but rather with somewhat thick arms, legs and hands. Her pale face is delicate and round, coming to a point at her chin while her cheek bones curl high. Delicate blue eyes sit in narrow ovals while a slender, round nose sits in between them. Her mouth is wide, sporting plump lips that seem to rest in a constant line. Perhaps her most appealing feature, long, thick black hair lacks a single kink or curl in it, resting against the middle of her back softly. When she moves, it seems fluid enough, a practice movement, even if her thoughts appear elsewhere.

Plot Hooks

Secrets are the wealth of the Nosferatu and Hailey is no different; the woman operates in the art of suspicion balanced with facts. Rumors also say that in her living life, she was the accomplished con artist, focusing particularly in frauds and insurance claims.


Hailey's player lives in PST. She can be found pretty regularly during the day, but her evenings are devoted to RP. When all else fails, use @mail.

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