Emory Masterson

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Emory used to be the Overseer of Griffith Park. He was bloodhunted by Emerson due to his diablerie on Acton. His current whereabouts are unknown. Hence, the information below is interesting, but should be seen in an historic light:

Supernatural Background

Emory Masterson is regarded by many as the most dangerous vampire in Los Angeles. Talk of Emerson's all-seeing eye, talk of Acton's wealth or Elaine's ruthlessness: none of the above has been witnessed taking down a Brujah Elder in single combat. Emory beat the crap out of the former Prince Rodrigo back in the day in order to get into the city, and ever since then has shown a guile easily the equivalent of his physical power. It is said he attempted to take the praxis of Philadelphia prior to coming to L.A., but since then he has seemed remarkably uninterested in power, remaining as Emerson's Seneschal even after the breakup of the Domains. Griffith Park is his, and truth to tell he has been secluding himself there more and more of late, particularly after a violent incident in an Elysium and a more recent spell where he beat a visiting emissary from another Domain into torpor. The latter incident is said to be what resulted in him being demoted from his Seneschal position. Rumor has it he's losing his grip on his Beast, but if anything that might just make him more of a threat.


Emory is a NPC managed by staff. He is not played, unless his presence serves a specific purpose.
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