Downtown Characters

NOTE: Vampire background information provided here may not be available to your character inside the game.
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Full Name: Dominic
Alias: nic
Gender: Male
Position: A Nobody
Short desc: A sickly old man with a piercing gaze.
Publicly: Who? Nope. Never heard of him.
Supernaturally: Dominic's a newly arrived Neonate that's calling Downtown home. I haven't heard much about him other than he came from somewhere in Europe and that he's definitely not an anarch.


Full Name: Karasu; Sakura Nakamura; Katsumi Kiyota
Alias: Katsu
Gender: Female
Position: A young Neonate of the Rose.
Short desc: A young small japanese girl.
Publicly: Akane Tanaka is a new arrival in the city from Osaka. She is a young girl, perhaps a student, learning in one of the colleges. She frequently appears in the Japanese-American circles and practices traditional Japanese archery somewhere in the community. Karasu? That is a Japanese word.
Supernaturally: Some say Karasu is a threat to the Masquerade. Perhaps they are true, her name involved with troubles many times after her release. She was made her life debt already, and she was hunted many times as the rumors say. Others say that she was just involved with the wrong persons, like Gargamel or Ice. But if that wouldn't be enough she shown interest to the new clan. At least she tries to treat the prestation seriously.
Photo: Here


Full Name: Emerson
Alias: Em
Gender: Male
Position: Prince of Greater Downtown
Publicly: Another nameless face seen about the skyscrapers of Downtown.
Supernaturally: Emerson. Ancient. Eyes of the Camarilla, the Shadow Priest, Lord of Ocotlan, and recently the Prince of Los Angeles. He is old, and powerful, and well-known among the elders of the world. For five hundred years he dwelt in Iberia. He was instrumental in carving out the power of the Camarilla, ferreting out its enemies and their secrets. For several centuries he dwelt in Mexico, bringing the Traditions to the New World. Then he disappeared, only to resurface in the early twentieth century. He succeeded Prince Rodrigo as the ruler of Greater Los Angeles, and now under the Treaty of La Cienega rules the Downtown domain through fear, uncertainty, and spies.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Gennaro? Ah Gennaro. He is a good boy, always standing tall for the Italian community and all…Always looking good and all…Where he works? I heard he in the financial business.
Supernaturally: Gennaro? Gennaro di Medici? Some of those really blueblooded Ventreu from Old Europe. Italy I hear. He seems to be interesting in everything written, so maybe you got a bopok to sell? But beware, he might windwarp you to even donate it to him!


Gender: Male
Publicly: Feo Chavez is a quiet, secluded kid. No wonder if ya see him, you'd already pity the disfigured lad. He's making the best of it though, taking on gigs from 'Extra Ordinary', that Hollywood casting agency specialized in dwarfs, giants, freaks and what more. It probably pitched his interests in special effects. Quite an achievement for a young lad like him, to acquire a dream-job like that at Universal Studio's.
Supernaturally: Feo who? Isn't he some secluded ugly from Downtown?


Full Name: Celeste Davis
Alias: CD
Gender: Female
Position: Warden of Mouth Washington
Short desc: Blonde, stuck-up, pretty.
Publicly: Some spoilt rich kid, drives a fancy car, wears fancy clothing, is fancy and rich. What more do you want?
Supernaturally: Celeste Davis' sire, Prince McQueen, was put too death for sme reason or another. And that is a shadow she's been working to get out from under, or she /was/ working to get out from under. Recently in history she was blamed for the theft of a nephilim from the LACMA while she was acting as assistant keeper to it and stripped of the titles she once held in Downtown. And after that she simply disappeared from sight for a long time. Who knows what she is doing now.
Photo: Here


Full Name: Ethan de Shaunde
Gender: Male
Position: Who Knows
Short desc: Shy, well-dressed, almost pretty young man.
Publicly: Some strange man, often seen around Pasadena or the Museum. One supposes he might be involved in something profitable, as he doesn't dress like anyone involved in something fashionable. No no, he dresses quite nice enough. Just hardly, you know… Hollywood.
Supernaturally: The old Seneschal of the domain of Downtown, Ethan's history is a bit confusing to try and track. He entered the city under the name Ethan Reike in December of '02, and allied himself with Emerson's domain. A few years later he gained land the position of Sheriff under the name Ethan de Shaunde. He disappeared for six months right around the earthquake, and came back after Seneschal Callas left to fill his shoes. A couple years later, around '10, he vanished off the map completely. He was never the popular sort.%r%r The name Ethan Reike dates from Edinburgh around 1995, the purported childe of one Sebastian Palmer, a Camarilla vampire of some influence. Ethan de Shaunde is a name less well known, but rumors point to a Malkavian in France near the turn of the century. Sebastian is known to have some associations to the Nosferatu of Edinburgh, but it is unknown if Ethan is similarly allied.


Full Name: Emory Masterson
Alias: Emo
Gender: Male
Position: Overseer of Griffith Park
Short desc: Death in a black leather doublet.
Publicly: Heh, you know… back in the 60's some acid-head popped up claiming they saw a Black Rider in Griffith Park, with "eyes that burned like hellfire" or some such nonesense. All those damn hippies reading Tolkien back then, if you ask me. I've worked here for 40 years and ain't never seen anything like that. Who, now? Emory Masterson? No, I don't think I've heard of anyone by that name.
Supernaturally: Emory Masterson is regarded by many as the most dangerous vampire in Los Angeles. Talk of Emerson's all-seeing eye, talk of Acton's wealth or Elaine's ruthlessness: none of the above has been witnessed taking down a Brujah Elder in single combat. Emory beat the crap out of the former Prince Rodrigo back in the day in order to get into the city, and ever since then has shown a guile easily the equivalent of his physical power. It is said he attempted to take the praxis of Philadelphia prior to coming to L.A., but since then he has seemed remarkably uninterested in power, remaining as Emerson's Seneschal even after the breakup of the Domains. Griffith Park is his, and truth to tell he has been secluding himself there more and more of late, particularly after a violent incident in an Elysium and a more recent spell where he beat a visiting emissary from another Domain into torpor. The latter incident is said to be what resulted in him being demoted from his Seneschal position. Rumor has it he's losing his grip on his Beast, but if anything that might just make him more of a threat.


Full Name: Gus Courtland
Alias: Gus
Gender: Male
Position: Overseer of the March
Publicly: Gus Courtland? Oh, nobody important. He's some kind of security guy for the Magic Castle down in Hollywood. Big guy, whoever he is, and he looks a little like he doesn't need so many bouncers to help out. Doesn't seem to get out so often, but now and then you'll see him talking to some shady types. If he's got a wife or kids, nobody's ever seen 'em.
Supernaturally: He's been a fixture around California since around the turn of the century. Spent a lot of time over in San Fran, but he's been in North O.C., Santa Monica… all over the place. A Tremere headcracker from the look of him- a real gorilla of a Warlock. He'd been working for Santa Monica's Regent, taking care of business, but the wizards gave him the Hollywood Chantry when it started in '95. He's been playing it pretty quiet since then, operating out of the Magic Castle. Goes by the name of "Gus Courtland" around the mortals. Lately, word is that he was responsible for that crazy ritual down on Manhattan Beach in Torrance- the one that seemed to have something to do with the little earthquake that went off that night. He says it was to protect Emerson's turf from demons- but with warlocks, who knows?


Full Name: Samantha Fermor
Alias: tink
Gender: Female
Short desc: A short buxom blond with red in her hair.
Publicly: Who, Tinkerbell? Isn't that the-. Oh. You mean the person. Well, I dunno, I haven't heard of a Tinkerbell. Maybe that blond punk rock kid that wanders around sometimes …
Supernaturally: Yeah, she's a Vampire. Kinda acts like a mix between a Toreador and a Ventrue - gets mad fast, though. Says she comes down from the north.
Photo: Here

Xiu En Lun

Full Name : Xiu En Lun
Alias: X
Gender: Male
Position: Warden of Chinatown
Short desc: Chinese man dressed in a white hat, suit, tie, belt, & shoes.
Publicly: While Xiu En Lun is not found in any local telephone book, 'Xiu' remains a common Chinese surname. A high percentage of persons living in Chinatown have this surname, though this could very well result from the high concentration of ethnic Chinese who live there.
Supernaturally: There is a post in the LACMA which suggests that someone whose name sounds like Shoe Ing Lung "has been the Warden of Chinatown for a long time."


Full Name: Harrison Mayfair
Alias: hm
Gender: Male
Position: Primogen of Hollywood
Short desc: Average height, trim build, wavy brown hair and green eyes.
Publicly: Harrison Joseph Mayfair was born in Los Angeles, California on January 18th, 1969. His father, Joseph Mayfair, was an entertainment lawyer and his mother, Deborah Mayfair was a stay at home wife and mother. Harrison, or Harry as his friends call him, attended a private school in Europe, and spent most of his childhood overseas. He spent several years abroad traveling and seeing the world after he left school. He returned to Los Angeles in 1990, and worked with his father after his mother passed away. In 1995, with money he inherited after his father's death, he founded American Rose Productions. He first worked with other production companies on the film Big Daddy, using his father's former clientele and contacts to provide himself a means of contact. Since then, he's worked on several motion pictures, and was recently named one of the up and coming producers of note in Hollywood. He's often seen at the various Hollywood events, frequently on the arm of some young starlet.
Supernaturally: The first mention of Harrison is in Paris during the 18th century. There's little hard knowledge about his stay there, the next concrete information being his appearance in New Orleans just before the Civil War. He counted the Prince as a friend, and his childe Catherine DeLoire as his mentor. He bloomed under her tutelage, and was considered among the top tier of vampire in the city. However in 1895, a scandal drove him from New Orleans and across the country to Los Angeles.
He made friends with Rodrigo early on, and took an interest in the nascent film industry. He stayed out of the Sabbat incursions for the most part, working largely as an enforcer of the Masquerade. He maintains a close relationship with Emerson, and continued to support him, even after the break-up in 1984. He has few enemies in the city, though those in the know will know that he does have them.


Full Name: Baroness Katherine "Skip" Delahey Carlson de Fontaine von Allsburg
Gender: Female
Position: Player about town, society darling.
Short desc: Gorgeous brunette, lots of long leg and haute cauture
Publicly: A hostess with a glitterng reputation — My god, she's back in town from Paris! This is TOO priceless. I hear she knows *everybody*, or knew them, or still knows them from a distance… and now she's back to kick it up again and reclaim her place as a darling of the in crowd. Priceless. Oh… I don't know how she is related to West Carlson, the late great film producer… some sort of niece? Or maybe that famous mother of hers was married to him? Or something. Wasn't there something about that in a Cole Porter song back in the day?
Supernaturally: A chi chi Toreador from around Downtown way. She's been in and out of LA for decades, rumored to hang around Paris and other such places when not in town. She does a better job than most at passing in mortal society and is said to be fairly influential so far as the "in" crowd of mortals goes.


Full Name: Nathaniel Jeremiah - Burod
Gender: Male
Alias: <none>
Position: Nightclub Owner - Switch
Short desc: Calm, cool, collected, and reserved.
Publicly: Yeah, I know the guy… Nathaniel. He's Romanian, ain't he? Heard he grew up on the streets of L.A. from the time he was an infant. The streets around here can get /harsh/, and I'm frankly surprised he survived it all. But, the way I hear it.. if they do survive like that, watch out. I heard he can have a short temper, and he's not really one to mess around with.
Supernaturally: Burod? You mean the Gangrel that recently arrived in L.A.? Afraid I don't know much about him, he tends to keep to himself. What he does let others know about him, seems to be a closely gaurded secret. The only ones that really know anything about him at all are his closest friends.
Themesong: Mushroomhead - Nowhere To Go


Full Name: Vetiver Saint-Loralle
Alias: Veti
Gender: Female
Position: Assistant Keeper of the Paris Opera House
Short desc: Tall, dark hair, early twenties.
Publicly: "You mean you don't know? Where the hell have you been, living in a cave? You can find 12,000,000 search results just by Googling her. She's the lead guitarist of Fleshpot, and only one of the most talented musicians out there. That gal made our top twenty greatest list back in '03, even though the band split up sometime in '02. Yeah, the same year, their singer O.D.'ed on heroin during the last leg of their tour, passing on. What a waste. The alternative airwaves have been flooded with stupid nu-metal garbage and hipster bullshit since then. Anyway, sources tell me she moved to Paris several years ago after living in L.A. for a bit —- something about working with this French philanthropist who restores antiquarian music. Fuck. I just hope she hasn't given up on rock and roll."
-James Bell, Editor, Rollingstone Magazine
Supernaturally: Vetiver's induction into vampire society was relatively unremarkable, given the lack of scandals following her presence. She was embraced in Emerson's domain shortly after her Sire, Restrin Kirtan, acquired permission to make her his childe. After serving as a Keeper in Greater Downtown for the briefest of periods, she left for France to work with Paris's finest artists, a few purported to be some elders of considerable age.
Photo: Here


Full Name: Evan Andres
Alias: ev
Gender: Male
Position: Accountant.
Short desc: A sickly young man with mismatched blue eyes.
Publicly: A sickly teenager with a nervous demeanor and a nasty-sounding cough.
Supernaturally: Evan is a strange, sickly little Nosferatu with a sometimes cringing demeanor, and impeccable manners. He's afflicted with a nasty-sounding cough, even as a vampire. He's recently returned to LA after a ten year absence during which he was believed to have met the Final Death, but such rumors must have been exaggerated. Once a resident of South Central, he has moved to Downtown since his return. Though his close ties to Maxine Marshall are his stated reason for doing so, it's rumored that a 'suggestion' by Emory Masterson is the true motive.


Full Name: Samual Ibanez
Alias: Ib
Gender: Male
Position: Overseer of North Downtown Core
Short desc: Tall, thin, though solid, spaniard of roughly thirty seven years. Possessed of a strong noble jaw and a penetrating gaze.
Publicly: Ibanez… I heard something about him in one of my art classes. Something about a collector of authentic Piracy peices. No you moron, Pirates? of the Carribean? Jesus. Anyways, he's apparently an excile from Cuba, but I dont really know if he ever supported Castro or not. Who cares, the whole countries going to come over here eventually..-Art major at UCLA
Supernaturally: Did you say Samual 'Ibanez'? I thought he was Prince of Guantanamo Bay? Well, it was only a matter of time before it fell. Hell, the rest of the Island did back in the fifties and sixties, so I am surprised he was there as long as he was. You didnt hear about that? Heh, the Sabbat used the whole Cuban Revolution to oust the Camarilla from the entire damned Isle..well, all of it, but Guantanamo.. at least until recently it appears. I dont know what kind of Prince he was, but it couldnt have been very pleasant at his court..not only was it beset on all sides by the god damned Sabbat, but I hear Ibanez is a down right monster when it comes to enforcing the Traditions. Well, all the Elders are, but this guy beyond simply paddling wayward neonates, I mean seriously.. he stood alone in what was essentually enemy territory for half a century trying to enforce Camarilla law. That's dedication, if I've ever heard of it. -Gangrel Harpy, formally of Miami Florida


Gender: Male
Position: Knight of the Row
Publicly: Iain is not a native to Los Angeles, although he has lived here most his life, so one can hardly tell he isent. He was planning to go to Caltech when he just decided not to go and moved out of his house, without telling his parents. He is considered dead to the mortal world, ever since a car crash. What's strange is that his body was stolen from the morgue before it could be buried. No one ever found what happened to his body.
Supernaturally: Iain is a young vampire, barely out of his childe years, as his sire vanished three years after his siring. His sire? Some woman named Alice. Barely knew her. She just up and vanished without a trace. People tend to do that too damned often… but Iain, he's a nobody trying to be a somebody. Just like everyone else.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Pierre du Cahors? Isn't that the Masked Chef on LAMDTV ? Man he can cook. I also heard he owns that little restaurant in Hollywood. What was its name? L'Agneau Sanguine?


Gender: Female
Position: Of the Junior Professed.
Short desc: Erotic blond in stiletto boots and little else.
Publicly: Mary? You know how many Mary's there are? Oooh. That one. Yeah, fifty bucks a pop says I know that one. You want her, you might be able to find her up on Sunset Boulevard with the rest of 'em.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Dorian has earned some reputation for being the drummer of an up-rising goth-glam rock band, that besides the growing tensions within the band, was making good in an American tour. Some words has been heard about his problematic childhood and passion for strange and dark topics that seems to be very interesting to some impresionable female fans.
Supernaturally: Dorian is a neonate Toreador, his name is not very well-known in the vampire community because of his lack of trust in everybody since Maria, a neonate Toreador vampire from South Orange County that was given permission from Prince Ventriss, gave him the kiss, so he has been his her for almost all of this 8 years but Maria bothered enough to make him being known by the vampires she knew and trusted. When he started to walk free on his own, some vampires laugh at him asking where was his mom, referring to his sire, but Dorian's reaction to those words have gained him some reputation that he is not a child anymore.


Full Name: Agnieszka Wisniewskij
Alias: Agnes
Gender: Female
Short desc: A tall, slender woman with fair hair and sharp features.
Publicly: Agnieszka is not familliar to many, but Agnes is a better shot. Rumors say she grew up in the Soviet Union, though she never speaks of it. Apparently translates books for a living, otherwise, there's not much to know about her. Has no real regular hangouts, but the safest bet is either some library, night-time cafe or the local New Age community.
Supernaturally: Agnieszka is a neonate under the Tremere. She hasn't been around in LA for that long; most of her unlife has so far been spent in the Soviet Union, even though she's originally from Poland. Like so many other Tremere, she's a hard-core academic, and pretty secretive about what she really does. She masquerades as a freelance translator at times, though, so it's probably not a bad guess if you'd say she's a linguist or something of the sort. Has a few things going on with some local New Age folks, as if that was unusual among the Tremere.


Full Name: Harold Akinola
Gender: Male
Publicly: He's something in insurance, or was it banking. No wait, maybe an accountant. Yes, that's it. He was up on some minor fraud charge a few years ago and he's never been the same since. Something to do with taxes? But you know what the IRS can be like — it probably just means he's a very sharp tax accountant who got just a little too close to the line. He does some consultancy on tax matters, and is reputedly good enough to justify the ungodly fees.
Supernaturally: Associated with the vampires in Downtown. He's rarely if ever seen outside that domain.


Full Name: Nevada Montoya Florez
Alias: ne
Gender: Female
Position: Warden of Eagle Rock
Short desc: A sensual fiery Latina
Publicly: Yeah, sure I know Nevada. My grandmom lives there.
Wait, a *person* you say? Hmmm.. There was this hot chick near Hollywood Boulevard. Her friends were going to some underground party but they wouldn't take me. Said I might try again when I was rich, famous and a virgin no longer. Bitch.
Supernaturally: Don't you tire of those self-pitying little neonates that blame the world for their misfortunate embrace? Always whining about love and friends and lost morality? Thank God, we still have vampires that really accept their nature, capable of enjoying their life for ones. Nevada Montoya Florez certainly makes one of those.
Then again of course Nevada ain't no Neonate no longer. She's old enough even, to be one of Mayfairs trustees, handling Hollywood affairs when her old man is not around. At least she used to, until she disappeared during the Sabbat Incursion.
Web: Here


Full Name: Roxanne Indira Deva
Gender: Female
Alias: Indy
Position: Party girl, aspirant for stardom, hairdresser and makeup girl at Langenfelter & Sons Funeral Home & Mortuary.
Short desc: Mid-20-ish, svelte, tall, black hair, light green eyes.
Publicly: One of a trio of would-be 'it girls' to recently emerge into the LA nightlife. UCLA grad, was active in the various performing arts programs: choirs, theatre — various parts and jobs on and off stage. Also works at one of the local mortuary-funeral home establishments, and a bit of asking around will reveal that she handles the makeup and clothing of corpses in preparation for their funerals. Takes occasional performing gigs at hotel bars and parties, doing a torchsong singer routine. Reasonable talent, better stage presence. Seems to put a lot of stock into her looks, especially when out with her two friends, one a socialite, the other allegedly the socialite's bodyguard. Indy, as she tends to be called by these friends in particular, occasionally acts as an informal PR agent. Mostly, they seem to use their various talents to get access to parties and what Hollywood events they can finagle their way into.
Quote: "Had the price of looking been blindness, I would have looked." - Ralph Ellison, 'Battle Royal'


Full Name: Graydon Daniels
Alias: Gr
Gender: Male
Position: Warden of Alhambra
Publicly: There used to be this white guy who lived around in South Central who matches that description, and word was he was as a scary mother fucker… even if he was whitebread. Disappeared awhile back, and he hasn't been seen since… Naw, that Graydon Daniels over in Alhambra ain't the same guy… Yea, he's a tough, and yea, people don't fuck with him— but he's no thug…
Supernaturally: Graydon? Oh, yea, I've heard of him— not so long ago there were a lot of rumors going around about him, but then he sorta fell off the earth… I mean, how many people piss off Archons and live to see the day? He's a Gangrel, and an older one at that— and has a reputation of being a violent son of a bitch. He originally showed up in South Central and settled in Athens, word being that he saved the former the Nosferatu John's life and came to take his place… Word was he was a more political sort then most Gangrel are.
Then there came the falling out with Prince Chance… Something happened shortly after the Archon Patric Miller was killed… there was some dispute, and the new Archon — William — even got involved. No one's quite sure what happened, but William tried to crush Graydon's head in before the Gangrel disappeared. In the end, he wasn't Sheriff anymore.
Since then, he hasn't been seen much… He showed up in Downtown awhile back, and got accepted— but whatever he's doing, he's doing it on the down-low… He seems to have lost his interest in politics.
Quote: Jessica pages**: Okay… No MUSHing while drinking… -her- -her- -her- -her-


Gender: Male
Publicly: Pardon, who? Yeah, I might have seen him - or not - around the building.
Supernaturally: Cristobal is a little-known neonate, recently arrived to the city. Rumours don't really say why he - or it - has come to L.A. Probably just out to make a name for himself as far away from his Sire as possible. Whatever his reasons, he's said to be settling down in the Downtown area and is looking for a hole to get comfortable in.


Gender: Female
Publicly: Lesa Johnson is in her early twenties. Lesa lives in a small house downtown, along with her pet dogs. She works as a dog trainer, training mostly guard dogs and seeing eye dogs for the blind.
Supernaturally: Lesa is a neonate gangrel. She is still a very young vampire, though she manages to stay out of trouble for the most part. She is often seen with her pet dogs, some of which are rumored to be ghouls.


Short desc: Well dressed man.
Publicly: A name whispered in certain circles but generally unknown.
Supernaturally: A haughty individual said to be a prominent member of the newly founded Tremere Chantry in San Diego. Little is known about him outside of the clan and even less outside of San Diego.


Full Name: Shalandra Simone, master jeweler
Gender: Female
Alias: ShS
Position: Dame of La Cienega, Restaurant Row, Mid-Wilshire
Short desc: Small woman, very business like. Reminds you of Linda Hunt.
Publicly: She's rather ordinary looking, don't you think. Wait a minute. That bulge in her upper pocket, yes that must be a jeweler's eyepiece! You know, I think that's Shalandra Simone. They say she makes the most exquisite pieces of custom jewelry. I wonder if I could even afford it.
Supernaturally: No young neonates would know this one. Another calamity of the ages so they say. A famous master jeweler turned Gangrel. What a pity. Still, they say there isn't a diamond she can't make sparkle.


Full Name: Hailey E. Rihon
Gender: Female
Alias: hai
Position: Warden of Elysian Park
Short desc: A modest, pale woman with long, black hair.
Publicly: Hailey Rihon? Who? Black hair? Do you know how many skinny women in this town have black hair? I've never heard of this girl, now can I walk to my car please?
Supernaturally: I hear Hailey Rihon is just a nobody, a little thing. The Nosferatu have kept her a secret for quite sometime, but having meet her? I don't see the big deal. Typical Nosferatu protection — they're like that with all their Childer. Rumors keep talking about her being a recent resident to Downtown and I say let them have her.
Wiki: Here


Full Name: Cyrus Sedoso
Alias: cy
Gender: Male
Short desc: A roguishly handsome cowboy.
Publicly: Whoa, Cyrus Sedoso? He was only like the most famous stuntman in Hollywood, back in the Eighties. He was a legend; a real cowboy, you know; like John Wayne back in the day. They say they found him in the rodeo; They say his grandaddy was matador and his forefathers have been dying in front of audiences for as long back as anyone can remember. Have you seen his films? Looks like he's carrying on the old tradition- All real, no wires or nothing; that's some crazy stuff! And now he's back, looking a bit more rough around the edges- I did hear he spent most of his fortune on Betty Ford Clinic fees… I sure hope he hasn't lost the old magic.
Supernaturally: Fifteen years ago, this cowboy ran rampant in Hollywood, with a smile and a death-wish that made him a timeless tabloid favorite. That was until the filming of "Swansong," when his luck ran out and one particularly grandiose stunt left him buried beneath a demolished skyscraper. There was some suspicion of foul-play — there always is where vampires are concerned — but the whole matter was soon brushed under the carpet. Along with whatever was left of Cyrus's torpored body. Anyway**: now it seems that somehow, some way, he's managed to crawl back to the surface. Were surely in for some interesting times…


Full Name: Nixie Crisis
Gender: Female
Short desc: Majorly pierced and tattooed, goth girl.
Publicly: Nixie Crisis! Yeah, I've heard of her. Ringmaster of the Nixie Crisis Sideshow Circus. Didn't they open for that band that time? Oh…and they performed at that big music festival…oh you know the one… Say, is it really true that she can do that stunt I heard about? The one with the ball-gag, the butcher knife, and that electric chair? Oh man, that's freakin' scary! She's kinda cute with that whip, though. You know what they say about circus people…
Supernaturally: Nix is a neonate Gangrel. Like most Gangrel, she's never really been known to stay in one place for long. She's sort of a freak, with lots of tattoos and piercings. She's new to the area, but has mostly been seen around Downtown. Seems laid-back, a little sardonic and dry, and always willing to juggle.


Full Name: James Bryant
Alias: JB
Gender: Male
Position: The 'other' childe.
Short desc: A young, attractive and well dressed male.
Publicly: Jeb is known amongst the club scene of Downtown, Los Angeles as a newcomer with significant potential to make a name for himself.
Supernaturally: Having recently relocated to Los Angeles, Jeb is known to be one of the new breed of modern vampires to filter into the city.


Full Name: John Gray
Alias: JG
Gender: Male
Position: Ground-level living
Short desc: A scruffy-looking man with an army jacket and a guitar case.
Publicly: John Gray? He's a musician, barely keeping himself off the streets, playing in dive bars and stuff. I seen him around with his guitar. I heard he's ex-Army, but he ain't doing hardly nothing now. He's pretty good with the guitar, though. I mean like really good.


Full Name : Cassie Smith
Alias: Cassie
Gender: Female
Position: Infanta of Downtown, Warden of Old Town Pasadena
Short desc: Girlish cutie with dark hair and an impish smile.
Publicly: Cassie Smith is a young academic with a tendency to haunt libraries after rare and unusual books. She seems to have a strong interests in history and archeology, but her bookishness doesn't keep her from being a savvy socialite. She is girlish and cheery and loves to be surrounded by people.
Supernaturally: Cassandra is the childe of Lord Apolo Callas and grandchilde of His Eminence, Prince Emerson of Los Angeles, which might explain her social prominence. Politically savvy and quite intelligent, she spent several decades out of the city before returning in the last few years.


Full Name: Rory "Razerith" Kuo
Alias: Raze
Gender: Male
Short desc: Tall Asian man who inspires the thoughts 'Ivy League accountant'.
Publicly: Who? -Starbucks Barrista
Him. Ah. Don't know much about him, except he came and waltzed into town, bought the old Florentine club and is doing renovations with that place. He's Korean, right? - Clubber with a Brooklynese Accent
Supernaturally: Rory who? -Toreador Neonate
Rory. That's an old name. Everyone calls him Razzzzerith now, except for his friendssss from yonder olde. You have to be really in the know to know this guy. Back a while ago, there wasss this huge fanfare for his sire, who was a basssstion of Camarilla Tradition or something. Covered up Massssquerade as freebiessss for some neonatessss, was generally a respected and loved guy, though people feared exactly what he could do. Lazarus the Prophet, that wasss his name, yesss. Then the guy disssappeared off the face of the earth. Used to be from New York, came to Los Angelesss, met hisss Waterloo. -Nosferatu Ancilla with a lisp


Alias: Dunce
Gender: Male
Publicly: "Is his last name 'Unger'? No? I don't know him then." -Steve Roberts, of Roberts and Sons Plumbing
Supernaturally: "If I had a penny for half the licks named Felix that pass through here …. well, I would buy myself a new water pistol." -A (possibly Malkavian) gentleman outside the Getty Center.


Full Name: Olivia Sirois
Alias: ol
Gender: Female
Short desc: Blonde, petite, delicately pretty. Celebutante fashion plate.
Publicly: Olivia Sirois is another bland blonde socialite, young and foolish, from Washington State. She has more of a social conscience than most Hiltonites as she has lost both her parents to disease. Her father, heir to the Ackardt rail fortune, died of a heart attack when Olivia was a child. Her mother succumbed to cervical cancer last year. Since then, Olivia has sunk considerable money into charities for heart disease awareness and research on cures for cervical cancer. She has moved to L.A. now that she has money of her own, and she attends whichever parties her wealth, youth, and beauty grant her access. Olivia does not drink to excess, does not make scenes as other girls her age might, and avoids the paparazzi unless she is making a statement for one of the charities she supports. She is intensely allergic to most house pets, especially dogs, which has caused occasional awkwardness at social events.
Supernaturally: Olivia Ackardt is and always has been a decadent socialite. She spent some time grubbing around the old West in her youth, God knows why or what she was doing, but she and Cyrus Sedoso arrived together in West Coast civilization in the late 1800s, and she has enjoyed the good unLife in large cities in the northwestern US ever since.


Gender: Female
Publicly: Yeah I heard of her. Great actress, she's got her own fan club, ya know, I think she lives in town near Hollywood, but those are just rumors. I also hear she's a wonderful singer.
Supernaturally: That torrie who became an actress? Nothing much can be said for her, aside that the public keeps their eye on her more than they should. Cant say I envy her though, when you become famous like her public attention is unavoidable. From a personal opinion Id say she's one of the better lived ones in this city.


Alias: nun
Gender: Female
Publicly: "Now there's a name you dont hear much now days. Pass me the pepper, please."
Supernaturally: "Who? Not around here."


Full Name: Fei-yen Li
Alias: Fei
Gender: Female
Position: Keeper of the LACMA
Short desc: A petite, rather plain Chinese girl.
Publicly: Luna would be known primarily among ballet circles as Fei-yen Li, a promising young ballerina who disappeared about two years ago when the big quake hit Los Angeles. No one seems to know what happened to her. She dated some Chinese cop for awhile, but who knows what happened to him either… neither one of them were spectacular enough to merit remembering.
Supernaturally: She's the Keeper of the LACMA. You can find her there. Leave me alone.
Photo: Here


Gender: Male
Publicly: If you loved metal in the late 90's, you might recognize him as the writer and frontman for "Skald", a symphonic power metal band that toured the US and Europe in '98 or '99. Heard he gave up thrash for the movies though, does film scores and stuff like that.
Supernaturally: Recently fresh from the Accounting, Neonate Gangrel Eric came to Los Angeles from Philadelphia. You might have heard that he occasionally would play music during Elysiums in his old domain.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Alec, you say? Isn't there some religious scholar, or archeologist by that name?
Supernaturally: An Ancilla Malkavian, reputedly from Germany, come to the domain of the Ancient. Religious nut, this one, if he's not in Elysium, you'll probably find him in a library or at church. It's even rumored that he's seen the inside of the Vatican Archives.


Gender: Male
Publicly: Thomas Amiel is seen as a stereotypical starving musician. He seems to have a way with the ladies, though, seen picking up women in clubs after almost every performance. He'll never make it in this town.
Supernaturally: Not much is known about Thomas Amiel within the vampire community. Scant traces of him have turned up from time to time over the past few decades, but he almost comes out of nowhere. He has all of the tell-tale signs of being a bastard childe, though


Gender: Male
Publicly: The magic shop on the edge of the downtown district is a strange on. Most people say its suppose to be like that, Part of the atmosphere. The staff are friendly though, albiet pale and ill looking half the time. The shows arn't bad either. The two that do it, their names can't be quite recalled right now, can be funny sometimes and the tricks are pritty top-notch. More the props than those twos stage presence. The owner of the place, Althorpe, hes the strangest of the bunch. Seems to like that green suit and the only time he is on stage is special midnight shows. Not a top hat or tails in sight, so I guess thats different. But that Althorpe, walks funny, speaks funny, half to himself at times. Good looking though.
Supernaturally: Althorpe is a Malkavian. No doubt. One of those obvious kinds with bad dress sense and that mad look in his eye. He runs the magic shop at the edge of downtown and has two ghouls put on shows there on stage. He does not seem to get himself too involved in politics and seems more self involved than most. He seems to run the shop well though, most would rather see the magic of Hollywood than cheap illusions but theres a market for everything. Not sure who his sire is though and noone seems to be owning up.

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