Dia Reina Chavez

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Dia Reina Chavez


Childe of Ali Santiago.






The young woman before you couldn't be older than twenty years in age from the appearance of her skin and face, and her slender frame. She's a short woman - less than five feet, two inches - and looks like a living twig, not weighing over a hundred pounds. She honestly looks like you could break her in half just by pinching any joint on her body - but it's not a sickly appearance by any means. Her visible skin is a light, creamy brown color that's void of any visible wrinkles or imperfections. Her face is highly structured and quite animated with a set of deep, mocha colored eyes surrounded by a thick layer of black eyeliner and enriched, black lashes. The tip of her nose is slightly flat, but her nose in its entirety small and elongated in shape. Her lips are full and without gloss or lipstick, showing off a pair of luscious rosy lips that offset a pair of brilliantly white teeth. The thick locks of raven black hair - with artificial neon blue hair woven - in that would dangle from the top of her head to the middle of her back have been drawn up into two pigtails, giving her a farmer's daughter kind of look. Her ears are small and dainty, but her right ear seems to have suffered some damage as the lobe appears to be almost gnawed off, leaving a smooth, ripple.

Covering her chest is a rather loose fitting work shirt - a dark navy blue in color - has the Amoco logo over her right breast and a name badge over the left that reads "Dickey". The shirt appears to have been washed so many times that its lost all rigidity and appears soft as a blanket. The top two buttons have been left open to reveal a rather liberal portion of her chest, only modestly covered by a tight-fitting, white wife beater. Her jeans are a deep navy blue set that looks as if it has seen better days - a few oil blotches here and there, a scuffed and worn right knee and a shredded area right below her left buttock. The jeans are well fit to her body, accentuating a round, gifted posterior, but allowing her fluid movement when she walks. A black leather belt with silver studs and matching buckle is wrapped tightly about her waist. A metal chain is attached to one of the belt loops, lowering about a foot to her side and then back up again and returning to her right back pocket - presumably attached to a wallet or set of keys. Her shoes are simple, yet make a statement. Pure white in color with flat soles, these Adidas low tops are a trademark of the company. Three thin black stripes run down the outside heel of the shoes with thick white laces tied neatly in front.

Plot Hooks

  • Clan Brujah
  • South Central Resident
  • La Fuerza Coterie
  • Latina
  • Anything to do with cars

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Typically available most afternoons/evenings on CST.

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