Della Clarke

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Della Clarke




The daughter of a dead oil tycoon, Della Clarke is now a Tremere Childe residing in SantaMonica. She was originally the ghoul of Nelson Jacobs, but Vienna called for her and she was taken away for a year and a half. She has stated publicly that her mentor is Will Johnston, but that her sire is in Vienna and she will probably never see them again. Before her embrace she worked at a private medical practice in SantaMonica. She was also going to school to become a doctor.


  • Y11: Ghouled by Nelson Jacobs
  • Y16: Found by [[character:will-johnston|Will Johnston]] after Nelson Jacobs disappearance, and taken on as a thrall.
  • Y17: Claimed by Vienna, and leaves the city.
  • Y18: Embraced in Vienna.
  • Y18: Returned to Santa Monica and given into the care of [[character:will-johnston|Will Johnston]].


Della is a tall willowy blonde woman. Her long hair has been carelessly stuffed into a bun at the base of her neck. Some ringlets fall loose, shining in a golden color. Her gaze is a dark slightly brooding blue color; set beneath thick lashes of ebon midnight. Her lips full and pouty are set above a gracefully curving jawline. Della is beautiful in an classical way, soft and feminine with naturally pale skin. Tonight Della dresses casually. She has on a pair of old faded blue jeans, that have a few tears here and there and are frayed at the ends of them. Her shirt is a comfortable white wifebeater, and thrown over the top of that is a loose black hooded sweat shirt.

Plot Hooks

  • Tremere Childe.
  • Ex-Ghoul.
  • Society Influences.
  • Medical Influences.

IC Player Links

  • [[character:will-johnston|Will Johnston]]


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