Cecil Northrup

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Cecil Northrup


Steward of the Pelican Club


Tremere neonate.


  • Did reasonably well in the more civilized portions of the Greater LA Tournament of Arms (Y-9)
  • Fought and killed a trio of vampire hunters in South Central (Y-9)
  • Became Knight of Wilshire Blvd under Friedrich Seydlitz (Y-10)
  • Became Keeper of the Getty Center (Y-11)
  • Became Steward of the Pelican Club (Y-12)


This is an average looking caucasian male, perhaps twenty two to twenty five years of age, with brown hair and eyes. Roughly five feet ten inches, a medium build and a rather plain and forgettable face, really. He's wearing a set of moderately stylish glasses perched on his nose.

He's presently wearing a reasonably nice collarless long-sleeved shirt, in a pale khaki color, a brown sports coat, and black "cargo" pants.

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