Apolo Callas

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Apolo Covas Callas



Seneschal of Downtown, Overseer of the Downtown Core.


Apolo is Emerson's childe. Whatever else he is, Emerson's spawn he remains first and foremost. It's common knowledge in L.A's vampire society that Apolo preceded his sire to the city in the early twentieth century. After the Treaty, Apolo was named Primogen of the Downtown Core, and thus he wields an impressive amount of personal political power in addition to having Emerson's backing. Eventually, once Emory's withdrawl from the public eye was complete, it was Apolo who was named Seneschal, making the formal the position he had already filled for years.

The position was only lost when Apolo abruptly left the city for Naples, where he remained for the better part of a decade. This is the only noted absence the Malkavian had ever made from Los Angeles; that, in itself, seems notable. He reappeared with the same suddenness and within months had comfortably found himself back in the leadership role, back in control of the Core, and back in the Tower, as if the previous decade was nothing more than a blip on the radar.

Apolo's passions are kaleidoscopic, shooting off this way and that seemingly haphazardly, and he possesses a temper to match. He's a painter sometimes, or a politician, or a courtier, at turns sweet, demanding, attentive, and angry. The only predictable thing about the Malkavian is his loyalty to his Prince; it's absolute.



Plot Hooks

Malkavian players, in particular, will find Apolo quite knowledgeable about the state of the clan and willing to assist/educate his clanmates.

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