Ali Santiago

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Ali Santiago



General of South Central and Cora's Left Hand.
Primogen of Florence.
Seneschal of South Central (temporary)




This tall Colombian woman comes just shy of gracing the six foot mark - a good thing she stops short, she's intimidating enough without the extra inch. Her hair is dark and falls in a loose, straight line just past her shoulders. A few stray curls wave at the ends, particularly prominent if she has her hair pulled back. Her eyes are light, on their own the single betrayal of her mixed blood. Somewhere, someone in her family tree wasn't quite as Colombian as they said they were. At first glance one might guess her to be relatively young - eighteen, surely no more. But first impressions so rarely prove true and upon spending any time with her one is left with the impression that she cannot possibly be that young, regardless of what was thought. She is too hard; too edged. Even the shadow that gathers along the angle of her cheekbone says that much. The softness of youth has long passed the woman's face over, leaving only chiseled, could-be pretty features. Could be. Might've been. Should've been. It's a tale that's been told more then once. There is mischief in her features; sparking in her eyes, showing in the broad smile that graces her face sometimes. Roguish, devil-may-care and I dare you - 'I will kick your ass and I might take names, but they'll probably get lost in the wash and who cares anyway..'

One can't accuse her of failing to be expressive.

A silver chain dips into the shadows of her cleavage, losing a jade specked dagger charm to the darkness that gathers there. For now, Ali wears a dark blue mechanic's coat with the name 'Pete' etched onto the breast on a bright white patch outlined in red. Beneath it, a sleeveless t-shirt clings to her athletic frame and stretches tight across her stomach. Low slung jeans, worn nearly through in places, are held up by a ragged leather belt the exact same shade of black-grey as the jack boots on her feet. On one wrist, a snapped handcuff clasps around the joint, its glint matching the silver ring around her thumb, and the stud through the cartilage of her upper left ear.

Plot Hooks

  • South Central
  • Latino culture
  • Chicago
  • Brujah

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