Agnieszka Wiśniewska

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Agnieszka Katarzyna Wiśniewska



Steward of Hollywood chantry


Trying to discern any history from Agnes is difficult. Speaking flawless English and sporting rich regalia of multiculturalism, it is perhaps difficult to notice her foreign origins. Of course, knowing that her name is in fact not Agnes but its Polish equivalent says something, although Polish naming tradition is by no means a rarity even in the US. Still, it is by no means a secret, at least among her peers, that she is of European origin. Some say she's not Polish at all but rather a Russian-speaking citizen of the former USSR. One can only guess that she prefers to remain an enigma, and with few exception she is nothing more than just Agnes.


Agnes is notable for not looking very friendly. She's a tall and very thin woman, almost gaunt, with pale green eyes and blond hair that's usually tucked back strictly, or set up in some exotic fashion. For although she does appear an austere woman, she is very fashion-conscious, never appearing out of her own unique sense of style, a tad conservative but with heavy ethnic elements. She's known to always carry around a set of prayer beads on string.

Plot Hooks

  • Agnes gets along very well with ethnic minorities, especially with Easterners (Eastern Europeans and Asians).
  • Those of scholarly pursuits are sure to find interesting conversation with Agnes, especially when dealing with the obscure and Occult.
  • Need a document translated? Agnes is fairly well-known among translators as a skilled linguist, well-versed in unusual languages like Sanskrit, Koine Greek and Classical Tibetan.
  • Agnes is Tremere. Tremere stick together.
  • Although being fairly introverted and self-cloistered, she is associated with an LA-based spiritual movement known as the Black Sect Tantric Buddhists.

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