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What is a Primogen? First off, let us clear up some confusion. A Primogen is -not- a leader of his or her clan. A Primogen is an honorific title granted by a Prince to elders and other influential vampires. Traditionally, in Camarilla cities across the globe, the Primogen are a council of elders who, by virtue of their own personal and collective power, are able to impose upon the Prince's rule at least to the point where they must have their voices heard. Sometimes this power comes from the backing of a unified clan, yielding one Primogen per clan; clans are not as unified in L.A., so that doesn't apply. In pure semantic terms, a "Primogen" is a powerful and influential vampire who is not Prince. Some Primogen Councils control puppet Princes outright.

In Los Angeles, Primogen are typically those vampires who are personally powerful and who control large blocks of territory. standing-sys and Standing Levels contain the details regarding control of territory. In many domains, but not all, they are the ones who sit on the Prince's advisory council.

A Primogen may be given specific authority and responsibilities by the Prince. More feudally minded Princes might grant large pieces of territory to a would-be Primogen on the condition that the Primogen enforce the Prince's will. Once again, the Primogen gains in power through the support of the Prince, and the Prince gains in power through the support of the Primogen. Some Primogen are given their titles by the Prince out of recognition rather than largesse - to not grant such a title would be a dangerous snub that could cause unnecessary friction.

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