Law Enforcement

The vampire world of Los Angeles functions on a very strict, traditional interpretation of the Traditions.

In theory.

As the Second Tradition of Domain has gained in power during the last century in the rest of the world, so too here. A Prince wields Praxis, and enforces the Traditions, through an application of the Second Tradition to an entire city or region. The Prince's authority is then directed through grants or acknowledgments of Domain in smaller subsections of the greater Domain. Thus, an Landholder wields the power of the Traditions within his or her domain, subject to the greater, overarching rule of Prince Emerson. The one power usually not granted to anyone of a rank less than a Prince is the right of Destruction under the 6th Tradition.

This illustrates how untraditional Emerson's decision is to grant the 6 Clan Elders Prince-like power over all members of their Blood; including Progeny and Destruction. Where it comes to domain their power decreased significantly however, as their possession of territory is restriction to a single area.

Management of territory is mostly left to the youngsters. Those with Standing are expected to enforce the Traditions within their domains, and to punish violators. Failure to do so will usually result in punishment or demotion for the overly permissive vampire. At the very least, it can cause a loss of status. There are, of course, ways and ways of doing things. The power to enforce is, naturally, limited by the power of the enforcer. But vampires should bear in mind that, ultimately, though the vampire exercising Domain may be your inferior, his Standing is granted him by a Prince of the Blood who may take ill to your disregarding his subordinates.

A very important reminder to all characters:

NPCs and Feature PCs should be expected to follow the dictates of this theme. If your character is violating the Traditions, and word reaches back to a Prince or a powerful Elder or Overseer, your character should not expect mercy. They should not expect succor. Your characters should have stark fear of the consequences of their IC violations of the Traditions, .

They may be destroyed.

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