Playing a Keeper

Being a Keeper comes with some difficulties. After all - How are you going to enforce the sanctity of Elysium 24 x 7? The truth of the matter is: You can't. You can and are encouraged to hire assistants, but there is no way you'll be able to monitor all the time, let alone be ICly available to ensure -safety- in Elysium. An Elysium's not by its nature a safe haven or a fortress, and no-one can reasonably expect you to make it that.

A PC Keeper can reasonably track noteworthy Elysium violations and punish those that violate it. How they punish violators is mostly up to them, although severe punishment may require some fine-tuning with the vampire maintaining the Elysium.

Below, we list sa few tools you may use to make your tenure a successful one:

  1. Control your Elysium by means of Influences. For Museums this is Art Influence, for clubs Stage Influence. This will allow you to keep the place open during the nightshift and employ mortal security systems.
  2. Post an IC message with your rules on the Elysium BBS, where you clearly state what you expect from your visitors.
  3. Use Cameras to monitor what happens IC. (But be mindful of our guidelines on camaras)
  4. Buy retainers and use puppets. (Although their presence should not obstruct RP when you're not present)
  5. Post a clear OOC message that details the OOC situation and when players should negotiate with you to determine if you would have been able to learn about a violation that occurred during a scene.

In addition, if the Keeper enforces Elysium in the Prince's name, they may generally ask for the aid of the Sheriff or Prince when enforcing it. However, doing so too often may result in a loss of face, or eventually; the position.

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