Clan Prestige

Prestige is the term that defines the level of trustworthiness or respect within a character's Clan. It determines the weight with which a vampire's word should be regarded, as well as the "pecking order" within the Clan. Simply put, those with more prestige can demand respect from, or even ignore, clan-members with less. In cases where there is a dispute between vampires and the evidence is lacking, Prestige, and who has more of it, may be the deciding factor in who is right.

Affecting Clan Prestige

A character who has chosen to affect someone's prestige is doing the IC equivalent of telling most of the people they encounter, for an extended amount of time, the text included in the rumor they generated.

These +prestige actions are the code representation of a character who is, in effect, putting his weight behind or against another person. It is an action that reflects on the actor as much as the one acted upon and it carries IC ramifications or benefits as well.

+Prestige actions are reflections on how good a member of their clan a person is. This qualitative distinction differs by clan; what makes someone a good Brujah is not what would make them a good Ventrue, and vice versa. The IC effect is as if the person taking the +prestige action told all other members of their clan what a good or bad clan member the other person is.

For example:

(Brujah) +prestige/praise Frederico=He's strong as hell and twice as tough.
(Brujah) +prestige/denounce Frederico=He should have given Baldy what for instead of caving.
(Ventrue) +prestige/praise Acton=One has to admire how much of Los Angeles Acton controls.
(Ventrue) +prestige/denounce Acton=He embarrassed our clan by not standing up in the Sabbat incursion.

Using Prestige

In game terms, Prestige is a relative social trait that arbiters who may be used to claim social advantage in social contests. These social traits only have meaning in relationship to other characters with the same social traits. I.e. You may only claim status advantage due to higher Prestige when confronted with clan-member. This is known as 'pulling rank'. The target may ignore this, but this is considered a snub to the Prestige of the other vampire, which may have unpleasant results.

Humans don't know about Status, Reputation, or Clan Prestige, so they are not affected by it. Ghouls generally have no Prestige of their own, being considered property. Any societal power they enjoy comes from their master's clout, and any praise or criticism of their behavior usually falls upon the master as well.

Consequences of Negative Prestige

Those with Negative Prestige may not be anarchs, but they are no longer trusted by the members of their clan. As a result they are no longer able to write of see the rumors from their clan-rumor-arena. In addition a Nosferatu with negative Prestige, may no longer have access to the Nosferatu Network.

Prestige Commands

These commands, in conjunction with the status commands, the boon commands, administer the complex interaction of vampire relationships that determine advantage on social contests.

Commands Function
+prestige/praise <player>=<reason> +prestige/praise <player>=<reason> is the command by which you use a prestige vote to support the clan prestige of <player>. You can only affect the clan prestige for your clan. The <reason> is how your character justifies the vote of praise, and the full text of the <reason> will be appear in an IC rumor. See also: +help ic/rumor.
+prestige/denounce <player>=<reason> +prestige/denounce <player>=<reason> is the command by which you use a prestige vote to denounce <player>. It works in the exact opposite of +prestige/praise.
+prestige/retract <player> +prestige/retract <player> retracts a prestige vote that you have given to <player>.

Generally, the older your character, then the more prestige votes you have.

Discovering Clan Prestige

Commands Function
+prestige <clan> +prestige <clan> provides a breakdown of all those of <clan> if they have at least a noticeable amount of that clan's prestige divides those listed into five broad categories based upon with the prestige of those listed is Noticed, Distinguished, Elevated, Mighty, or Magnificent.
+prestige/long <clan> +prestige/long <clan> provides a complete breakdown of all those who have a prestige among <clan> that is at least Noticed.

You must have some prestige in the <clan> and the associated lore to use and the lore for the clan in question. The first version of it will categorize everyone into broad bands that are meant only to arbitrarily group individuals, and which have no inherant meaning themselves. The second version of the command just provides a simple but more long-winded listing of who is at what status.

Note: These commands do not display those who are at prestige 0.

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