Here’s a quick summary of the commands that you will need to build:

  1. +feedback/request Building Request=<text>
  2. +builder/gimme (for your first build)
  3. +build Room Name|coords|compass-to|Exit To|Exit Back (to dig rooms and exits)
  4. +build/domain (SM|SC|GD) (to format rooms and exits)
  5. @parent <Room-name or number>=<#1063 for DT, #1064 for SM, #1065 for SC> (to change to the indoor parent if necessary)
  6. &HOOD <room-number or name>=<Hood-name> (to assign the neightborhood)
  7. @name here=[ansi(<colour-code>h,<room-name>)] [ansi(<colour-code>,- <project name – neighbourhood name – Domain name>)] (format the name of the room) Color-codes are, ‘m’ for DT, ‘c’ for SC and ‘r’ for Santa Monica.
  8. @name <exit-name or #>=<Primary Exit-name> ([ansi(h,<compass-direction>)]);<exit-aliases consisting of abbreviations and directions> (format the exit)
  9. @desc <here/room or exit-name or #>=<description of the room or exit> (to describe rooms and exits)
  10. &VIEW-<name of the view><here/room-name or #>=<description of the view> (to set views)
  11. Configure <number or places that you want> places (to create a number of places)
  12. Update <Place #>/<Option>=<Configuration Text> (to configure your places) Options are: name, desc, maxplaces, curplaces, fixed, full, join, ojoin, depart, odepart, prefix
  13. Update <Place #>/<Option>=<Configuration Text> (to configure your places)
  14. @succ <Exit-name or #>=<Message>, @osucc <Exit-name or #>=<Message> and @odrop <Exit-name or #>=<Message>
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