Request Your Building Project

When you want to create a Build beyond Autohousing, Staff needs to approve your concept first. You can submit your request via +feedback.
In your request, please list the details of your plan:

  • What it is.
  • On what grid it will be.
  • How many rooms it will require (mostly 2 to 3 are max)
  • What it will be used for.
  • If the build is going to be yours this should be represented by the traits that you have on your +sheet and your jnotes or you should buy it as an influence or background.
  • If there’s going to be security/locks and if so, what. Note that if you want any security this needs to be +jnoted to the room.

Architects will generally base their decisions on:

  • If the Build is likely to see roleplay between multiple PCs
  • If the Build provides a new type of venue (e.g. not the Xth nightclub)
  • If the Build is in line with the ‘theme’ of the region you want it to be in
  • If the Build is in line with the setting of Los Angeles (e.g. basements in LA are extremely rare)


+feedback/request Building Request=I would like to build ‘a little shop of horrors’. It will be a store for exotic plants, herbs and occult items. %r It will require 2 outdoor-rooms, 1 garden that can be accessed from both the store and the storage-room. It would like it to be situated in A1. %r It will be used as a meeting-point for all the PC’s in my herbalist/occult-club. %r It’s going to be controlled by my PC and I will justify it by my resources 2 and buying my occult up to ‘2’. %r I would like to have a lock-able door between the store and the storage-room. %r There’s more locks and doors and windows about that will come down to a security-rating of my intelligence (2) + security-level (1) =3. I would like to have this added as a security +jnote to the room, please.

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