Movement Emotes

Arrival and Depart - Messages

Then comes a rather tricky part. These are the messages that appear when players enter and when players leave rooms. Because it can be tricky to get this right it’s best to ask another player or use your own character object to check if you set these emits right.

What you need to keep in mind is that every exit-object is one-directional. It goes from Room 1 to Room 2. This means that the exit that goes from room 1 to room 2 handles all messages that deal with that movement:

  1. @succ -> The message that you get when you move from room 1 to room 2.
  2. @osucc -> The message that people that are in room 1 see when you depart to room 2.
  3. @odrop -> The message that people in room 2 see when you enter room 2.

Note: You have to set all of these 3 messages for all exit-objects. So if you have one door, (consisting of 2 exits) you need 3 messages to cover moving hence and 3 messages to cover moving forth. Let’s handle them bit by bit:

@succ what the person using the exit sees. Succ is short for Success. If the person can use the exit, this message will play.
This message is set on the exit-object that leads into the room that you’re heading into.
@succ <Exit-name or #>=<Message> @succ Kitchen=You push open the heavy oak swinging door and head toward the smell of wonderful food!
@osucc What the room the person is leaving sees. Anything with an 'O' in the front of the name is an 'Outward' message. It means people in the room the person is in, or in the room where they're going will see the message. @osucc <Exit-name or #>=<Message>
Osucc and any O-messages are always preceded by the name of the person using the exit.
Example: @osucc Kitchen=pushes open the swinging door and heads into the kitchen.
@odrop What the room the person enters sees. Drop is what the exit does with you when you use it. It 'drops' you into your destination room. So, the Odrop message is an Outward Drop message — sent to the room you're arriving in. @odrop <Exit-name or #>=<Message>
Like all O-messages, Odrop is preceded by the name of the person using the exit.
Example: @odrop Kitchen=barges through the swinging door from the Living Room, looking for the source of the wonderful smell in the kitchen.
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