17 Extra’s
17.1 Hangout List
For more information see +news building/tips and +help ooc/hangouts'

A room can be designated as a hangout for the purposes of the +hangouts command by setting &public here=1 on the room.
17.2 Setting Network Strength
For more information see +news building/tips and +help ic/cell

You can set the network strength of the location that you control. The command that you use is:
+phone/networkstrength <0-100>

0 = No signal, 100 = Perfect clarity. Underground areas should have a 0 signal. Outdoors should have 100. Indoors should have something in between.
17.3 Setting an Ambiance
For more information see: +help ooc/ambiance

Setting an ambience will emit messages to a room, indicating backdrop events going on. For example, a park might have a night game of softball.

+ambiance <room>

The messages will be selected randomly from attributes whose name matches the pattern:

For example:
&AMBIANCE_TRAFFIC here=The nearby freeway is jammed with drivers stuck in gridlock.

The message will emit prefixed by <Ambiance> - so can be colored differently or otherwise suppressed. This does not mean it can be disregarded.

To remove ambiance:
+noambiance *

17.4 +jnotes
If your built is a private project you may want to +jnote it. (Yes, jnotes cannot just be attached to characters, they are also set on rooms). This jnote has to be approved by your RegArch. Things that would go in there are who controls it and what the security-measures are.

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