Describing Rooms Exits

When this is all the above is set, you have your skeleton in place and now you start working on the actual descriptions and emits in the room.
12.1 Describing Rooms
When describing rooms, you should take the following into consideration:
12.1.1 Theme
In this version of Los Angeles, dark things are a little darker, strange things are a little stranger, and all the sharp, odd angles of the real world are highlighted, with the hidden, ugly truths brought into focus. This is true thematically, and it should be borne out in the way we describe our space.
12.1.2 Length

A room's @description should not be so long that it takes too long to read it, nor so long that it scrolls off the screen. Usually about 8-12 solid lines of text (with an 80 character width) is sufficient to say all that needs saying. There is an absolute limit of 13 lines for the description of any room intended for public use. Additional flavour and detail can and should be added to a room by making use of the +view code. See section 12 for more information.

12.1.3 Format
For more information see: +news building/standards

LaMush generally follow the format of a %r (line break) at the beginning and end of a room's description and a %t or [space(8)] (eight-space tab indent) at the beginning of each paragraph. Departures from this convention should be used sparingly, and for a punctuated reason. The BuildArchs reserve the right not to approve an inspection if they feel the format is sloppy.
12.1.4 Command
The actual command to describe your room with is the same as for any object:
@desc <here/room-name or #>=<description of the room>

When you are in the room that you want to describe you can also type:
@desc here=<description of the room>
12.2 Describing Exits
Don’t forget to put in a short description for your exits and entrances as well. Since an exit really is 2 objects (the exit and the entrance) you need to put a description both ways.

@desc <exit-name or #>=<description of the exit>

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