Builder Character

Builder Characters

Building requires specific rights that character objects do not have. Instead you receive a special Builder character. When the building-request is approved the BuildArch creates the Builder for you (if you do not have one yet). You can tell your BuildArch how you would like your Builder to be called but all builders end on _BLDR.
For example: Dummy_BLDR
After creation the BuildArch sends you and email with the Builder's name and password.

Move to the Building Site

You don't build your room directly on the grid where it should go. Instead we provide a special Building Development that contains all Building projects under construction. Only when your project is finalized and approved the BuildArch links it to the specified grid. You can enter the Building Development fromt the Green Room.

Builders and Quota

The BuildArch gives your Builder character a limited quota of objects it is able to create. This quota should be sufficient to create the number of rooms indicated in your Building request.
If you get messages like ‘Sorry, your building contract has run out.’ , you probably reached your quota-limit and you may create a new +feedback to receive more.

You can check your quota using the following command:

Command Usage
@quota me Lists your quota, including the number of objects created, and how many you are still allowed to create.
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