At some point you may want to have your own private place to roleplay in, keep objects, park yourself etc. Normally you need to request a Builder and build your room. However, at LAmush we provide an Autohousing option that allows all characters (with Resouces) to automatically create their own space.

How do I get my own Room?

From the Green Room, move into the 'Autohousing Project'. There you select the district your character lives in. You will be offered available options based on your Resources level. After completing this menu, you may customize your space, including:

  • A room description
  • Room views
  • Places (if you want them)
  • Locks and keys
  • Set it to 'home'

The location of your Autohousing

Auto-housing is being provided as a convenience - to give players a room to RP in private, have a home to "park" themselves in, etc. We cannot build an auto-housing development for every grid, and have chosen to offer approximately 1-2 building development options for each Resources level in each district instead.

This Autohousing Development may be situated on the turf owned by another vampire, and subsequently PC's may need to travel to and from that place. This is where we require domain owners and renters to accept a suspension of reality; Autohousing is situated in Development areas for convenience's sake. Although the Autohousing options are clustered in Auto Housing Development areas, this does not mean all PC's are neighbors. An appartment or house can be assumed to be situated elsewhere within the district, provided the neighborhood is comparable on the level of value and resources.

The same goes for your default description: You have great freedom in customizing the description of your apartment or house, as long as you make sure the description matches the flavor and resources level of the default description.

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