Y200331 - Welcome San Diego Gala

An announcement on heavy cream-colored paper, firm classical handwriting in black ink:

To the Residents of the Six Domains,

All Camarilla residents within the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, regardless of their political alliance, are invited to the Queen Mary Gala on the <insert IC date>. Prince Elaine Pruitt of Long Beach and Torrance will host this event on the request of no other than Archon Cornelius Drost. For the duration of this evening the Queen Mary will be named Elysium and Camarilla Neutral Ground.

The Gala celebrates the demise of the Sabbat in San Diego and the City's return into the arms of the Camarilla. Thanks to the efforts of Justicar Jeremiah Miller, General Kress and their underlings, more than one Sabbat Bishop has fallen and a Camarilla Prince has risen from the ashes.

Make no mistake. Although the war for San Diego was won, the battle against the Sabbat is still ongoing. Refugees have spread out to surrounding cities and we should be watchful lest they mingle here. As such, know that those willing to provide aid in this ongoing struggle, will be asked to join more than festivities alone.


William Cafliaglon
Seneschal of Long Beach

White Wolf © White Wolf
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