Y190828 - Bloodhunt The Nephilim


LET IT BE KNOWN that the winged vampires known as the NEPHILIM are in violation of Traditions of the Camarilla as documented henceforth:

I.The First Tradition: The Masquerade
By the very act of their Becoming, the NEPHILIM have fundamentally damaged and destroyed the First Tradition by sharing the secrets of our existence and our nature to those not of the Blood, to those mortals and the Church known as Empiricology on a scale so grand as to be a heresy in Our eyes, and that their very physical existence engenders a constant threat to the safety and sanctity of the Blood;

II.The Third Tradition: The Progeny
By the very act of their Becoming, the NEPHILIM have violated the Tradition of Progeny, which resides with Prince Emerson alone, and as such are held accountable as both sire and childe;

III.The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
The clan known as the NEPHILIM did willingly and willfully violate the tradition of Hospitality while residing in the domain of Prince Emerson, and continuously violate this tradition by residing in the city of the Prince without His permission;

IV.The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
As their children and children's children breach our Masquerade and scorn our customs of hospitality and lineage, their elders and founders and accomplices are held accountable for their actions under the tradition of the Fourth;

LET IT BE KNOWN that the Prince of Los Angeles, Emerson, the Sighted One, the Eyes of the Camarilla, does exercise the right of the LEXTALIONIS over the winged vampires known as the NEPHILIM throughout the city of Los Angeles, as is his right as the Eldest among you and Prince of Los Angeles, as acknowledged by the Treaty of la Cienega.

LET IT BE KNOWN that the LEXTALIONIS will be extended to any of the Blood who seek to aid, abet, assist, defend, convey, disguise, protect, shelter, or otherwise provide succor to the NEPHILIM in violation of this decree.

This is sworn by His hand on this, August 26, the year of Our Lord, 2019.

Emerson, Prince of Los Angeles, Eyes of the Camarilla

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