Vampire Background Guidelines

All vampires will need to set a VAMPIRE background. Only characters with Vampire Lore 2 will have access to this background. The information provided by this background should reveal what vampires in Greater Los Angeles might reasonably know about your character.

The code to set this is:

&vampire-background me=Who I am and/or how I'm seen in general vampire society.


Bernadette Muirinn O'Cahain, aka, Bernadette O'Malley of clan Toreador has been in the United States for thirty-three years between Chicago and Boston. She's a polite little neonate of excellent breeding and has been cast into a strange web of pursuit of her 'art'. Her illuminated manuscripts are supposed to be impressive, exact and accurate in translation. The girl's best to be left alone to her studies in a library, or the university, but I get the distinct feeling that she may be seen more than she was in Bosto. Rumor had it - she had a collection of humans she fed from in her household, not wanting to stray too far or spend inefficient time hunting when there was work to be done. But, that is only rumor.

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