Occult Background Guidelines

Occult: The knowledge of the occult, the paranormal - all the darker mystical side of human existence. Much of the information covered by this skill will be patently false, but this knowledge may also reflect a general understanding of how mystical forces work.

This background is what mortals involved in the occult communities of Greater Los Angeles might reasonably know about your character.

If you have reason to be involved with such matters, please add this Background. If not, no need to add it.

The code to set this is:

&occult-background me=What mortals in the occult communities of Greater LA might know about me.


Dusty tomes and manuscripts that date back to the 13th century are in her hands, or can be retrieved by her. They say special collections across the world are open to her, including religious illuminated texts that she can even knows how to translate. She has a membership to the Theosophical Society in Illinois, and a library card that has allowed her to pull various occult texts. I don't think she's into anything - not the self-proclaimed Wiccans, the Hermetic magicians, or even the Gnostics. The woman just doesn't carry that 'vibe' and I've never seen her at any sort of gathering. Weird.

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