Mortal Background Guidelines

All approved characters need to set a MORTAL background. All characters will have access to this background, and it should set forth that information which ordinary mortals might reasonably discover about your character.

The code to set this is:

&mortal-background me=A few lines about how I'm seen in mortal society.


Bernadette O'Malley, PhD, is /never/ to be called 'Dot', 'Bernie' or any sort of nickname (at least, not within earshot). She arrived in Los Angeles with an extensive resume', and a personal collection named "The Illuminated Medieval Manuscript Collection of Walter Sullivan Hart". Royal Societies of Antiquaries hail her as a bright jewel, even at the young age of thirty (if you ask me, she looks younger but acts sophisticated for her age). 'They' say she's never been married, courted by scholars and has snubbed nobility in pursuit of her passion. It's scandalous, but rarely a bad word is formed about her in polite society. What her servants have said of her temper is a whole other story, but, who wishes to listen to servants?

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