Domain Backgrounds Explained

If your character is a vampire, you will need to provide a background for the domain in which your character resides. These domain backgrounds include DOWNTOWN, SOUTH-CENTRAL, SANTA-MONICA, etc. These backgrounds are locked to the relevant lores at 2. They should reflect what the vampires in the domain reasonably know about your character. You should also set a domain background for each domain in which your character might be known by its vampires.

The code to set this is:

&put domain here-background me=What (domain) vampires may believe about me.

&santa-monica-background me=What Santa Monica vampires may believe about me.

Domain Background Examples

Domain Background Example
Santa Monica Bernadette waltzed into Santa Monica and went straight to the Seneschal without hesitation, handing him a letter of 'passage' from her Sire, and another one from Boston. She's already offered him a boon in order to have access to the Getty Villa which is on his lands. Everything she's doing is by the book, and seems to be well-planned. So far, no fuss has been made about her.
South Central What're you askin' me for? Some white-girl Toreador with a snooty accent from ol' Baldy's lands? Sure don't think she'd be stomping around /here/ if she knew what was good for her. Not too many 'grand' museums and libraries for her to get her fingers into so, she's off my radar.
Downtown Heard this Bernadette is wanting to get her fingers into the library downtown, and was making contact with Huntington. She's up to something 'scholarly', for herself or others. Haven't seen much of her, except for a time in the LACMA. Bo-ring without a whole lot to say.
Long Beach No, I haven't heard much of her at all - hails from England, I believe. Perhaps Ireland.
South Orange County After waltzing into Santa Monica, she had one of her servants send word of her arrival to Prince Ventriss, along with a token gift of some sort from her Sire as well as from herself. How involved she'll be in the artistic society is anyone's guess. So far, she hasn't bought tickets to the Opera.
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